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sleep help??

Bea had tonsillitis two weeks ago and since then has woken every night(occasionally twice), she will come into my room and wake me, then I put her bk to bed and thats it. Its literally a 2min job but it means we're both getting a disturbed night. There is no reason and when we talk to her she giggles I've ordered a Glo Clock to try but has anyone got any other suggestions? I'm pretty sure it's habit as she is usually a good sleeper. There is NO reason for it as she is not hot/cold etc. Any help realky appreciated x


  • Hi Gem13. Poor you - you must be knackered!

    I'm sure someone else will be along in a moment with some brilliant suggestions but it may help to know that I find this always seems to happen for a week or two after one of my children has been ill. It's almost as though they have to relearn to sleep through the night again.

    I find that if I'm just the most boring company ("Hello. Gosh it's still night-time. Come on, let's get you back to bed"), it usually stops within a few days. Hope it does for you!

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