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Mummy's & daddy's please help! I am a single parent to a 17 month old. We have been in our own house now for 3 weeks. Used to live in a crowded house where we shared a room. First few nights in the house, in his own room he was fine and slept brilliantly. Now, I am close to having a breakdown from exhaustion. We have a bedtime routine. Dinner bath play cuddles and bed. But he will not settle without me in the room. I've tried night lights, motion lights, things that sign, a jumper of mine and favourite toy. Nothing seems to sooth him. It's getting so much now. I leave and he screams and bangs his head on his cot. During the night he'll wake up screaming and if I try to settle him and he wakes up again, I'm so tired I put him into bed with me. Which in know I can't continue. I am seriously reaching the end of my tether. Please help image


  • When I wanted my daughter to sleep in her own bed and had managed to try everything possible to stay in it, I told her that she gets a sticker for every night she slept alone. I bought her a few toy of her choice for every sticker she earned. She was very excited and that made her sleep more often in her bed.Good luck hunny! image

  • Hi Emma, my son is nearly 2 now and for the best part had been a good sleeper - however he has gone through many phases like this...the best advice I could give is try and stay strong at bed time and don't give into him, as soon as he realises crying will get him into bed with you he'll keep doing it. I know it can be heartbreaking listening to your little one cry, but in the long run will be for the best. Try and explain to him it is bedtime and use the same phrases each night so he recognises when bed time is coming- hope it gets easier for you soon!! Xx one other thought is that, if he is waking in the night could well be teething, try the Nelson's teething powders, even if he isn't teething they can work a wonder at relaxing them Xx
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