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I have 4 year old twins who go to bed fine but one wakes up and cries until she gets attention and then wakes the other up. This has been happening for a long time and as my husband and I have long working days in what can be stressful jobs and need our sleep we have got into the bad habit of just bringing them into our bed so that we can get some sleep. To be honest this doesn't bother me as I am telling myself that they will grow out if it and they are only young once. Does anyone else have this problem? We are going to try reward charts etc in the summer when their room is not so dark and to get ready for primary school. Please tell me that mine is not the only family like this and that they do grow out of it?


  • I co slept with all of mine, my son was in my bed till he turned 4, same with my middle daughter and my youngest is nearly 3 and is still in bed with me! I love being there to comfort them if they wake up and I enjoy snuggling, I believe many parents co sleep bit are for some reason too ashamed to say anything! It is natural that you want to be close to your children and it is natural for them to want to be close to you! I know a lot of people who choose to co sleep ( my parents included) and they all say that the child/ children chose to sleep alone before they were 6! That being said before anyone chooses to co sleep with a newborn please read up on the dos and dont's! But please parents don't be ashamed if you choose to co sleep or not to co sleep, everyone's parenting methods are different and we are all just trying to be good parents! Xx

  • All of mine have slept in with us but all been in there own beds by 4. I have tried to do it different this time around and its just not working for us at all!

  • Yup. We put ours to bed each night, they share a room as neither like  being on their own or both will end up in bed with us several times a week! Quite often me or the hubs actually end up sleeping in their bed to try and get some quality rest! Does anyone else do the 'spare bed shuffle?'

  • Our little one only ever sleeps in with us if she's ill, think it puts my mind to rest rather than helping her, I like her near to me when she's not well. other than that's she's in beer own bed at 7 every night n sleep straight through, unless on the odd occasion the baby wakes her but even then she goes straight back to sleep

  • i have co slept with two of my children they just wouldnt settle alone , but now my youngest is 8 i would like him to start sleeping in his bed but its very hard to stop ,i hope he will go in his own bed before he's a teen

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