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difficult night waking

Is there any one out there that could help me. I have a 3 year old who is very strong willed and is making our nights very long and painful. Every night we go through his bed time routine of bath, brush teeth, books and sometimes additional stories from mummy and daddy. He then jumps into bed with his 2 teddies and is able to fall asleep all alone. So far so good! Then he will wake up in the middle of the night and refuses to stay and sleep in his own room. He will scream if we try to keep him in his own room and eventually will pick up his two teddies climb out of bed, run past us and into our room and fall asleep in our bed in the middle of my husband and I. We have tried monster spray, dream box, night light and a gro clock, nothing has worked. Now we are trying a chart with the promise that father christmas will bring him presents if he stays in his own room, but thats not working. We can't leave him to scream for too long because eventually he will wake up his baby sister in the room next door. The nursery suggested putting a mattress in our room, but instead of him using this at night he wants to start his night in our room, not the solution we were looking for. I don't want to go to an extreme and put a stair gate in front of his door. Every morning we try to ask him why he wants to come into our room and he says he wants to sleep with his daddy. 

Does any one have any other possible solutions to keep him in his room all night long?

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