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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our January 2016 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading straight into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in January 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!



  • Hi Jenson was due 7/1/16 but arrived 18/12/15 which means we celebrated his first birthday, Christmas and new year on three consecutive Sundays.  He is an absolute dream and turning into a cheeky monkey.  imageimage And growing up far too quick.  Happy new year everyone xx 

  • Heidi was born on 14/1/16 so we're still waiting to celebrate her birthday! Can't wait :) she was absolutely spoiled at Christmas, so many house now represents a toy shop! 

    We're still battling with DDH, the dr said that her next cast in February could possibly be her last!! Fingers crossed!! Can't wait to have her legs back! Hasn't stopped her from pushing herself up on things and causing havoc.


    She's so bloody cheeky at times, has got her daddy wrapped round her finger! She makes me laugh so much, crazy thing. Still not walking obviously, but we'll get there.

    Caroline, jenson is so cheeky!! And blooming gorgeous!! How is your daughter coming along with her pregnancy?

  • Hi Jojo so lovely to see your post, my daughter is 26 weeks tomorrow so the countdown is on! She is so excited to become a first time mum.  Heidi is beautiful it's crazy how quickly they grow.  

  • Hi girls. 

    Sorry it's been so long. 

    Vienna was due on the 8th January and arrived into the world on the 18th January 2016. She is an absolute monkey, and although she's not quite walking yet she can climb up everything. She is certainly keeping me busy. We also moved house (still in Bristol) just before Christmas adding yet more stress to the occasion, but I am thankful that we're now settling in nicely.  

    We had a lot very Christmas and like Heidi Vienna got lots of new toys. 

    Hope you're all doing well too. imageXx

  • Gorgeous girl!  She looks beautiful tank girl,  it's lovely seeing the recent photos I hopes more come over and post some update.

  • Hi everyone well the twins were due 17.01.2016 but were born on the 29.12.15 so we had a busy week last week with Christmas birthday and new year.  Both are walking and into everything daddy got home 22nd so was here for Christmas.  Proper first words are fishy for lil miss Kayleigh and dude for Matthew.  image

  • Sorry, I also forgot to say that your two are looking very cute and Heidi's hair is getting long! X

  • image

    Oh my lord look at their full heads of hair, Jenson is very very blonde so he has hair but it isn't as stand out as everybody else's. this is my three at Christmas and next Christmas we will have an extra baby girl to add into the photo. Easter baby for my daughter, going to be here so soon xx

  • Tank vienna is gorgeous! Those eyes 😍

    kayagh I can't believe how much hair the twins have!! We can't do anything with heidis yet, just a complete curly mess! 

    Ahh caroline I bet you can't wait! She'll be here before you know it!! jensons gonna be an uncle at 1 and a half! They'll grow up the best of friends :)

  • Gosh! A year already. I can hardly believe it. Rufus was one yesterday, had a little family party for him, was lovely. Then it was back to work for me today.

    Happy birthday to all the babies. image


  • image The down side with lots of hair she like to brush it usually with whatever she is eating


  • Jenson was due 12/1/16 but was born on 5/1/16 so only two more sleeps until I have a one year old image I feel like I've blinked and the year flew by!! 





    I can't believe how much they've all grown and they're all so adorable. I'm pleased everyone is well. Xx

  • Hello everyone, it's so wonderful to see how far these babies have come and read your updates. If you could please drop me a PM with your full name and address details, we'll pop your little gift in the post in the next few weeks. 

    In the meantime, we wanted to ask you all, is it ever ok for a stranger to touch your child? Like, moving them out of the way, or tickling them, or is it just not on at all? Please do come and tell us what you think on this new thread here. 

  • Just thought I'd give you all a mini update - we had the hospital yesterday and Heidi's dr is really pleased with her progress, and we can potentially have her out of the cast by next month!! I don't want to get my hopes up too much, as her end date is theoretically April, but I'm so bloody happy! 

  • That's awesome news Jojofrog - it can't come soon enough! 

  • Fantastic news Joj,  next time I'm over Durham wat I'll see if you're around and we could meet at a softplay with our little toddlers xx 

  • Great news jojo. 

  • That's brill news jojo. 

  • Ah, so pleased for you Jojo, fingers crossed it happens. 

    Lovely to see rufus, Kayleigh and Matthew and  jenson too.  All are looking adorable. Xx

  • Hi everyone, 
    We're talking about brilliant baby stuff, that you didn't know you needed until after you had your baby - this could be for toddler stuff too!

    If you have any gems to recommend, please do come and tell us your best products on this new thread here. Thank you! 

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