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Holiday in Spain in August with a 6 month old?

Hi folks,

Just looking some advice from folks who might have done this!

Our first baby is due any day now, and we're considering a holiday in August before I go back to work. We have to option of going to a villa in Spain with family, but would love to hear from people who have done holidays with a young child during that time of year when it's hot. Or am I nuts for even considering taking a baby away at that time? 

My thinking is that having a villa would be a little easier than a hotel room - air con/fans as we want, fully functionig kitchen, terrace and porch if we want to sit out, pool close by and shops, restaurants etc within walking distance though we also have the option of a car whilst there. 

But I've already had the 'you're taking a newborn baby, it will be so hot; are you sure you've really thought this through' comments from family, so am in a bit of a dilemma.

Any advice appreciated :)




  • Hiya, we took our little girl (now 14 months) to Cyprus when she was just under 6 months old (I actually started her weaning whilst we was away which I found less stressful than being home and doing it for some reason - probably the sun!!) and it was fab, I really recommend getting away with them when they are young!! We stayed in a resort so had our own living room, kitchen etc and so similar to a villa and that was great!! 

    weve since been to Austalia with her when she turned one and I can say the holiday to Cyprus was far more relaxing haha!!

    In my opinion just do it - they live in either vests or just nappies and stay in the shade as much as possible, you will be fine and by 6 months you will need the 'break' 

    ENJOY!! And use any family going with you to make sure you and your husband get a few precious stolen hours together xx

  • Hi!

    we took our 6 month old to an all inclusive holiday in gran caneria and it's was great. she was still quite full on at that stage still so it was great not having too cook or clean. The only thing was that I was breastfeeding so didn't have to worry about formula or sterilisation of bottle. 

  • I went to Kos for two weeks when my middle child was almost 6 months, it was fine. I was breastfeeding so delayed weaning til after the hol, I just made sure I drunk plenty of water and breastfed on demand/offered it often.
    We also took a lightweight stroller that laid flat & had a big hood so I could keep her in the shade. We went in the pool mostly after 3pm when the sun wasn't as fierce. (you can go in in the morning before 11/12 but it was colder then lol).

    This time we are off to Tenerife but not til my 3rd is almost 11 months old so she  will be eating food then as well.

    My biggest tip is to try to stay breastfeeding because it'll be so much easier then :)

    As to whether to go for a hotel or apartment I think either would be fine. Depending on facilities in the apartment, and the age of the baby, and if they are formula fed or eating solids etc, then an apartment with a proper kitchen may be preferable to a otel room where you only have a small fridge, but if you time it right and go before you wean and the baby is still BF then in my experience it doesn't really matter where you stay. Most hotels have air con in the summer months.
    We did room only in Kos :)

  • We took our little boy at 9 weeks and our little girl at 8 weeks to Lanzarote/fuerteventura  . It’s actually much easier in a lot of ways because they’re so little and still sleep a lot. We took our sterilizer and ordered bottled milk from the airport. Xxx
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