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My 17 month old makes herself sick, please help.

I have a 17 month old baby girl who will settle to sleep just fine, but wakes throughout the night.My baby girl always wakes when I go to bed, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed, or how quiet I am when I go into our room she automatically wakes. I have tried letting her self soothe but she has started to put her hand in her mouth to make herself sick, when she wakes she is ready to play then won't go back to sleep for an hour or more. I have not slept in my own bed for over a month as the only way to settle her is in her pushchair, if I try to put her back in her cot she wakes up and starts again with making herself sick.

Things I have tried...

1) The Rabbit Who wants to go to sleep.

2) self soothe ... Doesn't work

3) giving my girl a teddy

4) giving my girl a "Snuggle" which she loves to hold

Please help!!!

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