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  • I bought a smart trike. Was 80 and that was it. Told most of the family to get clothes so not too much stuff. image

    Had my second scan and found out we're having a girl this time.  

  • Awww congratulations!!! I'm sure it will be lovely to have some pink around :)  we got her a trike at xmas & a Minnie Mouse ride on. I realise now we should have put one away for her birthday. lol 

  • Ah congrats katt1906. 

    We got Remzi a personalised hand painted toy box for Xmas and the crawl around car thing from Argos - which he loves! And a walker/ride on for his birthday plus some books and a clicky figure as he loves those x

  • I did overbuy for both my boys at Xmas so put a stash by for their birthdays x

  • Off to Clarkes later to get remzi's first pair of shoes. Hope they have something in his size. We had this trouble with his brother as both my boys are on the petite size. Bless him Remzi in 3/6 month trousers and 6/9 tops. 

  • Congratulations kat! One of each that's amazing! 

    Our house is literally a toy shop at the moment. With both girls getting so much for Christmas and then scarlett's birthday it's a bit ridiculous! But I consider them very lucky to have all these wonderful toys and if our house is filled with toys then so be it! 

    Scarlett had her jabs on Thursday and was quite poorly yesterday but seems back to normal today. I hate jabs! But they're done now. 

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! X

  • I've not had my letter in yet for the jabs. I suppose it will be soon. I hate them getting jabs but needs must.

    I know it's hard not to feel overwhelmed with toys. I don't know where I'm going to get the space to fit a 2nd baby in. We're only in a two bed so I know in time we will need to move but at least they can share a room while they are wee. It's stopped my husband going completely daft on a football theme.

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're doing well today. We were wondering, if you received a Valentine's card, fancy sharing it with us on this thread here? 

  • Hi all, it's been so wonderful to read your updates and see your little ones, now a whole year old! Please do pop me a PM with your full name and home address so we can pop your little gift in the post to you. 

  • It's Sophie's birthday today and she's loving it. Birthday party will be on Friday but we having a little family party today as well :) imageimageimageimage

  • Happy birthday Sophie! shristain, she looks SO adorable - what a dress! Did Sophie have a favourite gift? 

  • Thank you xx she loves her dinosaur hopper and she's absolutely in love with teletubbies but think most of the time she spent walking and kicking balloons :D 

  • Katt1906 we had to book for jabs they said they don't send a letter so check with your doctors just to make sure. We are still waiting on the 1 year health check when I spoke to health team they said they are running behind and we should get a letter soon x

  • Hi everyone is anyone getting the MMR vaccines seperately through a private company?

  • No jcdg all in one X did lots of research with my eldest so will do the same with second. Not to say I won't be nervous has hell though x

  • Post deleted by MadeForMums. 
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  • Hi y'all! 
    Just wondering if anyone has any advice for this mum with a 6 month old that is refusing to sleep at all...her baby is awake hourly. We're sure she'd love any words of wisdom. You can find her thread here. 

    ps Jcdg, did you make a decision about the MMR? 

  • Hello!

    We wanted to let you know about a few new threads we're chatting about today... 

    The first is mother-in-laws - how do you get on with yours?
    The second is, has your toddlers sleep improved since they were a baby? 
    We're also talking about baby ear piercing - agree with it or not? 

  • Hi DaniellMFM, I have decided to get them all individually. I know the doctor who made the "link" between the jab and autisim has been struck off and there was no evidence to back his claim but I still would prefer the 3 to go in spaced out and when she is just a little bit older.

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