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  • Hi guys

    coming for some support as I'm a co pledge worrier and always feel comfortable here!! I went back to work in November and have tried relying on family and shift changes for childcare.... well basically I'm constantly stressed and get sick of people letting me down.... I'm probably gonna have to put Ava in nursery one day a week.....and I'm so worried about putting her in and will she think I've abandoned her.... I know I need to just get over myself but how have people managed the child care situation 

  • Complete not co pledge lol

  • Don't worry about nursery, I'm sure she'll thrive once she settles in. My neice goes to a child minder 3 days and loves it. Have you considered that although they tend to only do term time.

    My MIL and mum shared childcare for the three days I worked however I've now got a second and have no idea what I'm going to do 

  • Hi Andrea, lovely to hear from you. 
    The thought of nursery and sending your child there can be so daunting, but try to view a few of them, and you'll know the right nursery for you once you find it. I remember crying when I dropped my daughter off for the first time, but you know, she loved it and she came on leaps and bounds thanks to nursery. 

    As katt says, when they settle in, it can be great. Could you afford to send Ava more regularly to nursery as then you'll be able to relax a bit more, knowing she's sorted for those days and you won't be let down? 

  • Hello! We were hoping you might come and tell us, what does your child/ren call their grandparents? Please do come and tell us over on this thread. Thank you! 

  • Thankyou both for the advice :) I work two days a week (21 hours) so as an absolute maximum only need two days.... my partner also works a rota so put shifts don't always clash :) contacted a few child minders but none were really keen to work on a rota.... going to visit a nursery next Wednesday!! I know she will be better for it but think I'll probably cry!! She usually shouts Mammy when I leave her so I'll probs get emotional lol!! 

  • Hi everyone, we hope you and your families are doing well. 
    Do you have a child who is prone to catching head lice? 
    If so, we're looking for peeps to test some treatments for us. 
    Please head over to this thread to find out how to sign up. 

  • Hello everyone. Been ages since anyone posted on here. How is everyone doing and how big all these "babies" are. Well surely not babies anymore more like little madams and gentlemens lol we are well been dummy and nappy free for about 6 month now and doing very well. Sophie grown in very happy and very very charismatic little girl. The things she says sometimes makes us think where did she heard that and how she even know these words lol would be lovely to hear from others and to see what other babies looks like now. Sophie was 2 and a half in this picture.


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