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Car seat help! Isofix fitted retrospectively in a Ford Focus 2008, 360 Joie spin?


Our little boy is 13 months old and he's outgrown his baby car seat. We have a 2008 Ford Focus that doesn't have isofix. 

After alot of research we decided on the Joie everystages, but it wouldn't fit due to the short seat belts. We tried the stages, still wouldn't fit, and settled on the Joie steadi combination seat. 

Its a good seat but my little boy hates it. We find it really awkward to get him in and out. 

Weve decided we'd like to get isofix fitted and go with a spin car seat so it's easier to get him in and out Of the car. It's important that he can be rear facing for up to 4 yrs old if we chose. We like the Joie 360 spin. 

Does anyone have any experience with fitting isofix retrospectively to an 08 reg Focus and what car seats did you go with? Does the Joie 360 spin fit? 

Thank you!!!! 

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