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My little girl turns 2 in march and she is still very attached to her dummy, when my little girl was newborn we tried a whole 5 weeks without a dummy but dueven to bad silent reflux we gave in and she took to the dummy like it was her life saver, it worked wonderstwhile,  it helped settle the reflux and she could not relax without it. Now it's all she knows and still turns to it for comfort. My issue is family members getting on at me to get rid of the dummy but I know she's not ready, plus I am pregnant and not sure if taking away her comforter so close to a big change is a wise idea for her or for me, though I don't think my family think it would be that hard to take it off her... I do, should I listen to my family or am I doing the right thing leaving it a while longer.



  • My little girl was 3 and a half when took away the dummy, and we felt it was the right time as it was becoming a real problem, in that she would have it ALL THE TIME - if we forgot one, we'd have to go home and fetch it and buy another one. She simply wasn't ready beforehand too. (when we did give the dummies away, we gave one as a gift to a friends new baby and the others we prepared a special box and decorated it over a few days, and then left her dummies in there for the dummy fairy who took them and left a present). 

    I think as you say, you have another baby on the way which is going to be huge in her little World, and if she needs comforting, and you're going to need things to be as easy as possible when the new baby arrives, i would go with your gut and leave her with the dummy for now. 

    Try not to cave into the peer pressure from family, as hard as that can be - but maybe tell them if you can, quite firmly, you need to do what you think is right and it's not up for discussion. 

    But when you come to get rid of them, that's a whole new ball game of stress, which i don't reckon you need right now! Hope this helps. 

  • We were in the exact same position a few months ago. My son was 21 months when the new baby arrived and he loves his dummy. I was dreading trying to get it off him. I did nothing until he had adjusted to the new baby. Now he only has the dummy in his cot and nap and night time. I've not been brave to go the whole way but this was a good compromise for us. Good luck, no rush they are still babies!! 😊

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