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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our March 2016 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in March 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Hi everyone :) hope all of the lovely mums and babies are well I can't believe it's been almost a year already!!! I wish time would slow down a bit! 

    Ive not been on much as I went back to work recently and the day I went back my MIL got admitted to hospital and has just come home so amongst work, taking care of 2 kids and trying to support my hubby I've not had any spare time! Aurora is an absolute little dream, she eats and sleeps well, is developing brilliantly and is such a character she has me in kinks every day with the new things she is picking up, she has learnt to say NO which is not useful haha! Her and her big sister adore each other it really is the most beautiful thing to watch in the world, my heart could burst at times I'm so pleased we had another baby!

    Anyway I hope you're all super well and I hope we can all post pics of our babies when they turn one. Aurora is on 15th march but here's a recent one of her. Hope to see you all here soon xxximage

  • Aaah that's so funny she can say No. not for you though I'm sure! Haha. 

    Toby was 1 yesterday. Honestly can't believe it. We had a lovely day as a little family and will be celebrating on Sunday with our families and friends.

    He is walking now and a right little chatterbox (no actual words yet). He's so confident and makes me laugh all the time.

    Hope all your little Ines are doing well and all have lovemy birthdays.

    Here's Toby yesterday on his birthday.


  • Got a free gift that helps baby stop being such a fussy eater? 😂 Or enjoy brushing her teeth? 

  • Aurora and Toby are looking gorgeous btw xxxx

  • image

    Penny, 11 months yesterday 

  • I love her jumper!! Girls clothes are sooo much nicer than the boys! 

  • Awww thanks. She's so better dressed than me 😂xx

  • Eeh they're all so canny aren't they :) my girls are way better dressed than me it's depressing but hey ho lol x

  • Hi Ladies,  Chloe will be 1 on Wednesday. I can't believe she will be a year old! I'm so broody but 3 is enough for me! She is a good girl,  sleeps well and is full of smiles. She started walking this week. Only a few steps at a time. We are having a little family party for her next Saturday. Here is a recent pick. Happy birthday to all the little ones x x image

  • imagelovely to see everyone's lo it's gone so fast woody will be 1 on the 18th just waiting for him to take his first step his nearly mastered it lol x

  • image

    wow, see how big they have grown. I am loving the girl's outfit- jumpers. 

    I forgot to share with you all that I started a blog. I don't always have time to update but feel free to read, comment and share your experience. www(dot)flourishingjourney(dot)com

    We are not walking yet just cruising. HIs favourite walker is mum and dad.

  • Adorable fludu look at that cheeky smile and fabulous hair!!

  • Awwww so many gorgeous babies! Aren't we clever 😂

    Penny is so independent she won't let me walk her. Wants to do it alone or crawl 😂 High maintenance chick xx

  • Hi everyone, we have to say it's been amazing seeing all your 1 year olds (or at least soon to be 1 year olds!) and reading your updates. How have the first birthday parties been? And for those that still have them coming up, what are your plans? 

    If you have posted on this thread, we'd love to send out that little gift we promised you - please can you PM me your full name and address?

    And while we are here, tomorrow is the 60th birthday of Dr Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, so we were wondering, do you have a favourite Dr Seuss book? If you do, won't you come and tell us on this thread here? 

  • 1st Birthday :)


  • image



    Hello All,

    Sorry for the late reply we've been busy celebrating eloises birthday. She was 1 on the 4th March.... Its flown by but she's so much fun now and so happy! 

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying time with the "toddlers :S"

  • Gorgeous pictures ladies. Love the one with the penguins 😇

    Penny isn't 1 until 1st April. Still got a baby for a little longer X

  • I'm struggling with the 'toddler' term....he's still my baby!!

    My little man is full on walking now! How has this happened?? 

  • Chloe is 1 today!  :-( image

  • Happy birthday to Chloe!!! Loving her dress Col33

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