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Weaning my 13 month old - need advice please

I was hoping you could offer me some advice or point me in the right direction. 

My son will be 13 months next week and has only started eating 'proper food' well only a few spponfuls of lasage and cottage pie so far.  He is still on pureed food, he's going to a dietitian. 

I was just wondering if you could recommend a book for baby weaning or recipes and if you could let me know of some recipes or foods that would be good to start him with. 

Also i'm a bit confused as to how much I should give him and what constitutes as snacks.

Thanks so much


  • Do you mind if i ask why your son is seeing a dietician? It seems very late to be weaning, but i'm guessing there's a reason for that? 

    I swear by the Annabel Karmel weaning books - but if you son is only just starting to eat, you might want to follow the guidance for say 6 month olds. Sorry i cant be more helpful but i don't want to tell advise you of the wrong info. Have you spoken to your health visitor? 

  • thanks for the info.  my son is just a very fussy eater and will not eat any 'normal' foods. 

  • Have you thought about trying baby led weaning? That might really help your son catch up - so give him little fingers of toast, and cucumber or carrot sticks, some cooked pasta, broccoli, that kind of stuff - maybe it might help to let him discover foods himself? You can also try a scrambled egg or omlette cut into fingers too. 

  • so would a baby led weaning book be best then? it's just so disheartening offereing him food and him not eating, I have given him toast and all he does is mash it up or throw it on the floor :(

  • I don't know - i think keep trying giving him finger foods, just go with it, let him play and if he throws it on the floor, don't stress. But also if he prefers being fed, and you find that's working for you, do that as well. I would get a basic Annabel Karmel weaning book, and there's some good apps you can donwload too which will tell you how to make everything. 

  • Thank you so much for your advice, sure when he's ready he'll start :)

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