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Bedding in cot

My little girl is 2 in July and she currently is sleeping in a sleeping bag in her crib as she wriggles a lot...but she's seems to be getting frustrated with it now as she can't stand up and things..I'm considering a blanket I'm scared though lol...she's in her own room has been since 14 months and I'm worried she may get wrapped up in it and I won't hear :/ I know it sounds silly that I'm scared but I can't help it..what ages did you put a blanket/ cot quilt in the crib with your little ones? 


  • From day one. Just tuck it in under the armpits & at foot & sides of the bed. Cellular blankets are lightweight but warm

  • Or if you are too worried just put under the breathing monitor again. If it never alarms, your fear will go away

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