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At what age did your child start to walk? Please do come and share over here!

Hi everyone,

We’re wondering how old your child was when he or she started to walk.

Not that it’s a competition, of course! We know each child is individual and does things in their own time – and that ages for walking hugely vary. A quick survey of our office had a walking age range of 8 months to 18 months.

So we thought it would be fascinating to ask you all when your child became a walker. We think other mums and dads who read this thread will be interested – and maybe reassured, if they’re a bit worried that their own child isn’t walking yet…

Please do come and let us know by posting a reply on this thread.



  • My son started walking at 11 months. I was so proud and smug.

    Well he's 15 months now, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I wish sometimes he would just sit down as he no longer walks...he runs, climbs and tries to kill himself on a daily basis and I can barely keep up.

    So now when people ask if he's walking there is no smugness is my voice...just exasperation when I say yes!

  • Sophie started walking week before she turned 11 month. She very good at walking now and all our trips outside takes ages because all she wants to do is walk. 

    Mummy nearly finished her little play area in our garden so she can walk outside now as much as she wants


  • My son is 16 months, nearly 17 months and he still doesn't walk! I've just got him proper shoes to try and encourage him because he walks holding hands just doesn't have the confidence to walk. In honestly I think he's too lazy and likes being carried around! But today he took about 5/6 steps on his own so hopefully I can come back soon on this thread and give an actual date! 

  • My little boy started to walk at 12 months and hasn't slowed down since, he is a little monster constantly into everything (most of my possessions end up broken on a daily basis) and he runs rings around his mummy and daddy. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second little boy and I often feel like I'm more shattered at the end of the day I hen he is lol 

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