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My 2 year old has come home from nursery the last 2 weeks running with headlice. She wasn't itching on either vocation I just regularly check her hair coz she always wears it down.

The first week I just used conditioner on her to get them out because I was a bit sceptical about using chemicals in her hair and checked through and did manage to get them them all out as far as I could tell.

The second week (yesterday)I decided to go with the lotion for age 6 months plus thinking it might be a mild chemical. Again wasn't itching before hand. But today (one day after using the treatment) she is itching like crazy and it's driving her mad. Her scalp looks a little red (possibly from the itching though) ive checked her hair as much as she will let me and can't see anything in it. 

Possible reaction to the treatment? Or do you think there's still some in there? She also has a rash now at the top of her neck which has also appeared today.


  • Hi! I couldn't not reply to you as headlice have been the bain of my life! 

    I'm a big believer in using the proper treatment, as it seems you can comb and comb forever and still if you haven't got just one of those eggs out, or killed it with the treatment, the cycle just starts all over again. So i would recommend using the treatment - my kids have never had any reactions to any of them (i've tried Lyclear and Hedrin). Also, have you got a Nitty Gritty comb? It's the best comb for getting out the eggs, and another tip is to shine a torch on her roots while combing as the eggs will reflect under the light, or comb her hair in the sunshine as you can see the eggs so much clearer. 

    I guess its possible she may have reacted to the treatment, but think it's unlikely at the same time as these products are so rigorously tested. Also, the combing of the scalp can irritate her scalp as you're repeatedly combing from root to tip again and again. The rash might be from the combing too - but do give her another check in daylight tomorrow - it's amazing how easy it is to miss those little buggers and the eggs. 

    Also, they sell this conditioner called Queen Helene on amazon - it's super thick and heavy and is great for combing with - i use it every two weeks on my kids hair to comb and to avoid using the treatment unless they've had an outbreak of lice. 

    Also, do tie your daughters hair up - not sure how much difference it really makes having it tied up as my daughter has a ponytail EVERY day, and she's still had nits about 5 times! 

    Sorry for such long post! Hope it helps. 

  • The joys of head lice. A single louse can lay many eggs which can hatch after 3 days, it then takes around a week for those lice to mature enough to lay their own eggs. This is why checks should ideally be done weekly. 

    As for treatment, conditioner can work wonders. Apply to the hair & leave for 10minutes exactly the same as most other treatments before rinsing off & coming through. Use a special comb for looking for nits & lice & remember to wipe it clear after each drag through the hair. Only treat the hair if you find a live louse on the hair or comb (if nits only then don't treat as hatched eggs can sometimes remain).

  • Hi thank you both for the replies.

    It seems she has has a reaction to the lotion. It seems to have calmed a lot now and her scalp is very sensitive. I do put her hair up every morning but it's down by the time I turn around she just will not keep a pony in for love nor money!.

    I did the conditioner Thu g the first time pretty much exactly how you have just recommended except I didn't leave it on 10 minutes and when I used the lotion it was because I saw a live one moving (I was a last resort). 

    Hate the Thu he they are a pain in  the but. Hoping she never gets them again but pretty much guaranteed to happen :( xx

  • Hi there, 

    I used to work at a nursery school and the joys of if the kiddies were sick I would get sick... as was it when head lice did the rounds... i tried everything they suggested tea tree is the most mild one to get rid of if you have a sensitive skin as tea tree has good attributes. however the best winner for me was vinegar. After washing your childs hair rinse with vinegar and then comb out the dead lice and eggs with the lice comb.. Do the normal routine of putting her linen in a big bag and seal it tight for 3 days(no air for the lice to survive) then put about 1 or 2 cups of vinegar in the machine with the linen when washing it. Best part is it cheap and known to work. vinegar is excellent and its something that you normally have in your home. good luck with it.

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