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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our June 2016 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in June 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Hello everyone I hope you and your little ones are well. Cannot believe how fast this year has passed. Wyatt is doing fantastic and has grown so fast the lazy little chunk refuses to walk or stand he just gets too excited and falls 😂😂 he's faster at crawling than I am walking though so got to have eyes everywhere 👀👀👀 

  • Hi Everyone!!  All week I've thinking 'this time last year...' My little man Benjamin turns one on Friday which means I am back at work permanently on Monday.

    It's been an amazing year, and so much easier for me second time round.  His big sister (who is 6) is so excited for his birthday.  She chose his presents and insisted on balloons and banners and is going to make him a banner too.  She is telling everyone in the street 'it's my brothers birthday this week!'.  She is so sweet.  They share a room so spend a lot of time together.

    I am going to make his cake tomorrow. I am no baker so this could go very badly, but it'll only get eaten I guess!!  We were hoping for a BBQ on Saturday but it depends on the weather.  His first birthday also marks a significant milestone for me too; one year of breastfeeding.

    Here is a picture of the day he was born (we were told he was a girl hence pink blanket) and some pictures of me and my little ones at the zoo during half term last week.  Happy Birthday to all the babies in June!!!


    image image  image

  • Hi all!! Not posted on here in ages, I'm back at work full time so don't get much chance to do anything at night as I'm shattered. 

    Callum is doing really well, not crawling or walking yet as he is just too lazy but he's talking away all the time. He's just like me! 

    He's one on Monday, can't believe all the babies are turning 1! 

  • Glad to hear Wyatt and Callum are doing so well.  Someone once told me that babies are either talkers or walkers, so interesting Callum is talking but not walking yet.  Benjamin crawls and cruises the furniture but words aren't there, just lots of babel.  Not that I'm in any hurry for him to walk or talk yet.  I want to enjoy a bit of peace where I can get it.

    I know how you feel Gina. I went back full time when my first was 7 months and I've never felt exhaustion like it.  It nearly broke me.  Hopefully you have some holiday coming up where you can get some rest. x

  • I'm the same with the walking and talking. He talks really clearly and a lot so if we're not on the move as much as least I don't have to have eyes in the back of my head just yet. 

    Holiday coming up in August, just us 2,callum is going to stay at nanas. Only going in the UK so we're close if needed! 

  • It's wonderful to see how much all these babies have grown! Vikster2000, I will never forget your son being born, and the shock he was a boy! 

  • Yes a lot of shocks that day.  He was two weeks early, born in 30 minutes at home and oh yes....a boy!!  Funny thing is, despite putting him in lots of neutral clothes and white babygrows, people in the street have never thought he was a girl.  

    It's always been 'how old is he?' or 'He's lovely' etc.  Only last night I said to my husband "this time last year if you had told me I would have a son, I would think it must mean we have a third! It would never have occurred to me the sex was wrong".  I think the shock is something I'll take to my grave. My mum told me she was told by her midwife I was a boy (as I was very active) but it was before scans could tell the sex (in the 80s).  She said she felt a sense of loss that she never met her son she expected but was never disappointed I was a girl.  I know exactly what she means.

  • Since I've been at MFM (almost 3 years) I've never known it to happen apart from with you Vikster! Do you think you'll have any more babies? 

  • No, we're both agreed we are done!

    I always felt someone was missing, but since Ben was born I feel so complete and content and our family is as it should be.  Although I do now feel confident enough to have another as I know what I'm doing now and what works for us, but I have no urge to have another at all.  It's all about the four of us.

  • Glad to hear Callum and Benjamin are doing so well. It's been a mad long exhausting year but I've loved every minute of it secretly longing for another baby but my husband is adamant he doesn't want anymore 😢 I don't feel complete yet as much as I love our little family I just think one more would complete us xx

  • Hi everyone, so lovely to see everyone's updates! 

    Lily as the last to be born i think so we still have a couple of weeks to go.

    shes very babbly and very fast at crawling. A few photos of her recently 

    sorry a very brief drop in on my lunch break! 



  • Hi everyone, here's what's happening on the forum today:
    Did you suffer with the baby blues? If you did, we would love to hear from you on this thread here. 
    Father's Day is approaching: fancy posting a pic of your dad or your child and their dad? We'd love to see them on this thread here.

  • Hey all

     So lovely to read all the updates! 

    Obviously verity is already a year old, we had a great time for her birthday in May (honoury June baby!!). She is crawling, cruising the furniture, and is so talkative! But yet to actually brave walking. 


  • Gorgeous smile Karen Louise. So pleased to hear how well your VIP is doing xxx

  • Thank you :) 

    She is doing well, still breastfed. Just still small 😂 x 

  • Oh wow golden boobies!! Well done you x 

  • HI all, lovely hearing that all our babies are doing so well. I don't know where this last year has gone. Dylan is just a treasure, he's talking a lot and cruising imageimageimageimageeverywhere. The last week he has just stared to stand by himself and try and take some steps, but still very wobbly. He will be one on the 21st and we are taking him to the zoo, I'm so excited for that day. 

  • We've just been catching up on your thread and have to say it's so wonderful to see how far all your babies have come! So, who's trying for another one? 😉

    Also, please do PM me your full name and address if you've not already done so, so we can send out your toddler gift. Thank you! 

  • Hi Danielle, agreed, so lovely to see these beautiful babies growing away, but no, no more for me. Dylan is my everything and we always only wanted one child so we are very happy. 

  • Beautiful pictures Jen.  x

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