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HELP!!! 2 year old sleeping on the floor 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

My 2 year old daughter has been in her toddler bed (out of her cot) for 3 weeks now but she refuses to sleep in it. We have a good routine, we leave the room and she's straight up. Have had to put a gate on her door, she brings her pillow and duvet out if bed and sleeps up against the gate. We then move her into bed but at some point in the night she does it again. I can't just leave her there as her door is open so we struggle to move around the house without waking her. Tonight she went to bed as normal but we went out for dinner and my mum babysat, by 11pm she was up and on the floor so she heard us come in/upstairs so was up screaming. Can anyone help?! She's always slept so so well, seriously considering getting the travel cot out again!


  • would it be possible to try it as a phased thing? Move the bed as close to her door as possible & leave it there for a few nights (or until she is staying in it) then gradually over a few weeks move the bed a little bit further and further away until the bed is wherentou want it to be. If moving the whole bed is not possible, try it with a little nap mat or air mattress etc.

    good luck!!

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