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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our July 2016 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in July 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Hello ladies, I've just seen this new group has been made so thought I would pop on for a catch up...!

    how is everyone and their beautiful babies? Have the mummies that were pregnant had their babies yet? 

    Hope youve all had a wonderful past few months :)

  • Hey! How you doin flossy! My baby girl Nellie is one today!! She was 2 weeks early so not so much the July group but I stuck with this one all along with some lovely mommies and beautiful babies x


  • Happy birthday Nellie!!!! Hope you have a lovely day!

    Grace isn't 1 until August but this year just seems to be flying by. It's feels like only yesterday that she was born. 

  • Oh my goodness, happy 1st Birthday Nellie! I can't believe the first of or babies is 1 already!

    i left the baby group for a little while then lost it so sorry I've not posted for months!

    i hope all has been good with everyone?!

    Violet is 1 on 16th so a couple more weeks for us yet :)

  • Happy 1st Birthday, Nellie!

    Not been on here in ages.
    Phoenix is 1 next Wednesday (one week today). Can't believe how fast it's gone!

  • Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! Glad to see people back on here!! they will all be one soon hope everyone's had a fab first year! This time last year I was in theatre and waiting to hear her cry at 2.57. 

    OMG phoenix think I've only seen her baby picture when she was born! She is beautiful! 

  • Thank you x

  • Ah, just hit enter too soon lol.

    Nellie is gorgeous too! Look at how long her hair is! Phoe's hair is about that long too but it curls so it looks short lol.

    Has she had a good birthday?

    Did you do anything special for it? I wanted to have a picnic with friends for Phoe's but it's raining non stop and is expected to be raining all next week too so I might just take her & my older two swimming and then for dinner out instead. My friend is making a birthday cake too because she does them professionally and mine always look a mess (taste good but look rubbish haha).

  • Happy Birthday Nellie!

    arent they all so gorgeousness x

  • Little Phoenix is beautiful! 

    We have plannd Violet's party, we are just having a BBQ in the garden wth family and a couple of friends and having a cake made also.

    We have had such a busy few months, married November, then got home from honeymoon a couple of weeks before Christmas to be given out eviction notice on our house. Our landlord died so the nok wanted to sell, they gave us first refusal and we were lucky enough to be able to get it! 

    i think the next 12 months may be a little less chaotic!!

  • Thank you shoonawikwik! 

    I am rubbish at making things like that I can just about cook if i have to ha but she's had a peppa pig cake but cried that she cudnt grab the candle ha. My son has had more fun with her toys bless him. I've not made a fuss as I knew it would overwhelm so once the visitors left their dad took us for a meal and my son took her in the wacky for a bit. Was lovely to be honest she waa golden but she is around food she a serious gobble lot fish fingers chips and peas and then ate some peppers out the salad bar ha. She's gone to bed now tired her out ha bet she still wakes at 6 :/ 

    what you all thinking parties? I like the BBQ idea that sounds good and swimming. Think anything is a treat at this age x

  • WEre taking Bear to the sea life centre on his birthday 🎉 

    having a family meal and then he's having a joint 1st messy bears birthday party for him and his friends. 

    Sounds a lot but there's too many people to do it at our house x

  • Glad she's had a lovely day k85m x

  • Hi everyone, it is SO wonderful to see you all here - and your babies (or toddlers!) too - thank you so much for sharing your pictures, they are truly wonderful. 
    Please do PM me your full name and address so we can send your toddler gift out. 

  • That sounds lovely shoona... we don't have a whole lot of space either which is why we are just having a few people over. 

    Have any of you mummies gone back to work etc yet?

    i used to work 3 days a week but have cut back to doing 2 days... I start back on 11th July. Took 12 month maternity leave but have actually had 13 months off as used my holiday before I have Violet... going to be horrible leaving her!!

  • Danielle- what do you need our details for? 

  • Hi ya everybody all our baby's look so grown up Now we Just haviN people over we just got all our front garden done c

  • imageimageMy wee cutie image

  • Hi Flossyflossy, we'd like your name and address so we can send a gift for your toddler's first birthday, and also by way of thanks for coming over and joining this new thread. If you'd rather not send it, that's absolutely fine, and if you need any more info, please do just ask here or drop us a mail at [email protected]

  • Danielle, that's super kind, thank! Will send my details over on a mo!

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