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ADVICE NEEDED - should I let my toddler go to her aunt's for 6 days?

partners aunt stays an 8 hour drive from us and we only see her every few months if that but she has recently asked if she could come pick up our 3 year old (nearly 4) and take her to her house Saturday-Friday so 6 days. We said no straight away because we just couldn't have our daughter that far away from us for so long. she has never stayed away more than a night and she hardly ever stays out. 

 thing is everyone is saying we're silly for not letting her go. 

I know for a fact she would absolutely love it (Her other cousin is also going who's 7) she would definitely be took care of. I do trust the aunt.  I just can't seem to stop thinking of the what ifs  

what would anyone else do? 


  • Hiya, I understand your reservations but I think if I really trusted the aunt I would let her go. My daughter is one and I have an aunt  who is about 5 hours from us and I think I would agree to it in a year or so. Especially with a trusted 7 year old to play with and keep an eye out. Its definitely a big step but its life experience for both of you. 

  • Thank you for the reply. 

    i know if it was another parent asking advice I would be like totally go for it but because I'm in the situation I just don't know. 

    She gets on brilliantly with her cousin and she often stays with us  

    I keep thinking what if something happens and I can't get to her for 8 hours ☹️

  • I wouldn't allow my daughter to go for that long and she's nearly 6. 

    Perhaps you could compromise and say she can have her for 2 or 3 nights if you would feel more comfortable with that? 

    I know it's a long way to go for a shorter time but it then keeps everyone happier. 

  • Hello :-)

    I can see both sides.  I have 2 boys (4 and 18 months) and they stop at Grandparents houses but that's just literally a 10 minute drive.  I think I could even cope with a 2/3 hour drive, but an 8 hour drive would certainly play on my mind!

    Having said that, I would 100% let my boys go and stop with my aunties - they are totally mad and I know they would look after them both.

    Its really tough!  Cant you compromise on the amount of time they have them?  Can you maybe half it and let her visit for 3 days?

    If you trust the auntie though I am sure your little one will absolutely love it, it will be like a little adventure! :-)

  • if we could have half the time we would have. 

    my daughters cousin is staying for the 6 days so it would be too much for them to drive my daughter back up and then back down to take her cousin home in a few days as well. 

    we couldn't do the drive as we have a dog and have no one to have her for the day. 

    If if we didn't have the dog we would have just went anyway and we wouldn't be in this situation. 

  • What does your other half think? 

  • We both keep swaying

    we think yes for our daughters sake because she would love it then we think how could we have her away from us for so long 

  • The only thing matters if you decide to leave her with the aunt, you must not feel very frustrated about it because than she will feel it. If you fear a situation, she will have a fear too.

    If you feel "No" immediately in your guts, I would not do it. Wait one more year, maybe you will be happy to leave her by the aunt then.

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