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14 month old...worried about her this normal??

14 month old walking this normal?

Hi, just looking for other mums experience please! My daughter start walking at about 12.5 months. She is now 14.5 months and doing really well. However we have noticed that she always stands with her right leg straight and left knee bent, and what she walks her knee is bent on the left still, and does sometimes drag her left foot as if it's a bit longer than the right. I have measured her legs and there's no obvious leg length discrepancy. 
I have taken her to the gp who I think thought I was being paranoid! But he didn't actually see what I have been noticing! 
Has anyone known anything similar? and wheat happened? Hoping she will grow out of it or it's just a harmless normal variant, but scared of missing something like a delayed presentation of hip dysplasia which I realise is rare, but would not want to delay things any further! Hoping the GP is right and I am being paranoid! Any advice appreciated!! Xx

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