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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our August 2016 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in August 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Oh my gosh can not believe it's almost been a whole year. Lynda Lee is growing up way to fast. She in now into everything and never keeps still. Hope everyone else is doing good. Xxx

  • Hello strangers!  My little munchkin is off the chart on height. Learning to walk and climbing in the meantime. He's trying to talk: mama, dada, hiya, milk, baby, oui, heda (algerian). He shakes his head when we say No. He loves to high t and dance and wave. Hello is a hilarious word. Oh every day is amazing.  Except sleep regression.image

  • imagemummy gotin the way of her favioute film moanna xx

  • Hey. Its been ages. I cant actually believe our little babies are all but toddlers 😢. This year has flown in. 

    Hope you and your wee ones are good.

    Amalia is so cheeky, this month she has learnt to stick her tongue out...and even does it to strangers haha. She never keeps her socks on, crawls away every nappy change and doesnt care when i tell her no 🤣

    We moved house this weekend, Amalia loves helping unpack...i.e making more of a mess

    No walking yet, but she can stand unsupported and cruise. Im going back to work in the next week or so, hopefully i will manage to get time off for Amalia's birthday on the 18th. Hope to hear your updates



  • Oops! Posted on the old thread by accident!!!

    Hey all!!! Matilda is a gorgeous little character! She is 1 on thursday and exactly one year ago today, I was sat in hospital being induced. The pains had not started yet... if only I knew what was to come!! 

    Matilda has been great since the surgery on her throat in February although the strider and choking are still present occasionally.

    She has had some other issues though - mainly a cough that has literally been present since 31st March! !! 5 months! ! What is strange though is that the last week in every month, the cough is accompanied by a green runny nose, vomiting, diahorroea and once even tonsillitis and conjunctivitis! Were in the thick of this month's but as I type. 

    It's really strange how the main symptoms are only present once a month but the same date?! I've considered asthma, lactose intolerance, milk allergies, hayfever etc and I've even considered what things happen allergislest only that time each month e.g my period etc. sounds crazy but I'm literally clutching at straws. Doctors seem to think it's a coincidence and she's picking up viruses!

    I'm at work full time and tilly starts nursery properly in September.  She is very very clingy but I know she is going to love it! Jus hope she gets rid of this sickness or she will never be there!!!

    She is 1 on thursday and we have a cake smash booked and then her christening party on Sunday - very excited!  Just hope she feels better soon as we've been looking forward to this week for months 😣.

    Looking forward to hearing how all of you and your gorgeous babies are doing!!!


  • And we've had 5 episodes of the bad sickness... I just realised it's only been 4 months since 31st July  😂

  • image

    Hi everyone, Millie is 1 in 2 weeks time. Had a really hard time with her in the beginning, she has a milk intolerance & severe reflux the the first few months were tough. She's a little monkey now, so cheeky, into everything especially Evan's toys. She's recently taken her first steps & loves to climb. Definitely a handfull!! 


  • Hi everyone. Lovley to hear from you all and see an update on the kids I can't beleive our little babies r becoming toddlers how crazy is that.

    charlie will be 1 in 3 weeks we have just booked his birthday party I can't wait although also feel super emotional about it. 

    Charlie is not walking yet but not to far away I don't think. He's sleeping through the night some nights but not every night not to sure what I do different each day to make each night so different.

    hes not really interested in milk anymore only has one bottle before bed now and sometimes a bottle through the night but absolutely LOVES  his food nothing I have gave him so far has he turned down which is great. Absolutely loves fruit and in fact all food to be honest. 

    Looking forward to an update on everyone else :) 

  • Oh my god I'm getting emosh looking at all these growb up babies!!! 😍

    Paddy turns one on Sunday. And come February he'll be a big brother! 👶🏼👶🏼

    Preggo life is hard this trouble maker getting in to everything. His first real word Is 'light' he's fasincated by them and points at lights, including the sun when it comes out. 

    Hes almost walking, his record is 4 steps unsupported. God help me haha. 

    Hes got a big attitude and is very anti getting changed. 

    He looks nothing like me haha. A double of his daddy. 

    Hope you ladies are all well. Your babies are so lovely and big now!!! 😍


  • Congratulations aussiedea! Clearly motherhood doesn't suit me as well as you.. I can't see us ever having another one! It is just so difficult 😣 loved every second but wow no thanks 😂😂

  • Aawww massive congratulations hunni. 2 is enough for me. My oldest has now in the process of joining the army and Lynda Lee is a hand full. Her first word was "gone" and now it's "no" with her hand up lol xx 

  • Hi all. William is 11 months now (his birthday is 30th August!). Great sleeper, great eater but not a great mover - only really commando crawling and not cruising or walking yet... I'm not too upset about this as it's giving us time to babyproof the house slowly.

    I've been back at work full time since end of March and just starting to feel like things are more manageable now! Definitely not thinking about number 2 yet 😂 But huge congrats AussieDea. Xx

  • Thanks ladies :) 

    i think I'm mad. Haha. I got so clucky at about 7 months (was not expecting that!). I want them close together - mainly so they can grow Up as Mates but also I don't want to be pregnant after I'm 30 :) so hopefully I'll have an empty nest by 50. Hahaha. 

    I actually don't know how the hell in going to cope but hey, I'll survive :) morning sickness is so hard tho! I was puking into a bowl on my couch one day (and crying at the same time) and Paddy crawled up to me, stood up and patted me knee. Bless him 😍

    Haha lexy enjoy the peace! I didn't walk till like 16 months or something my mum said! I must have been so lazy!

  • Aw Aussie congrats that's amazing news really happy for you. Are you going to find out what ur having this time? Are u planning on moving back to Australia? I'm defo not thinking about baby number 2 yet but I totaly agree with u it may be hard to begin with but having them that close in age growing up will be amaing :) xx

  • image this cheeky monkey is 1 in 10 days! Im also on the july toddlers group but didnt post in there for a free gift lol as she was due august then it was thought she would be early and in fact she was late haha. What's  everybody  doing for 1st birthdays? We have a ezzie a cake smash photo shoot planned im so excited x 

  • Me and my oh were talking about Lynda-lees first birthday and what we are doing. We are going to take her to the local soft play area in the day and then have a little tea party in our house after. Then a few days later we are going on our first hoilday. Xxx

  • Omg aussie i never would of guessed! Congratulations 💖 

    We are trying for our last final baby hoping to fall before christmas as dont want a massive age gap between them. Only been trying one month so far though 

    Ezzie is walking and in full swing of it she practically runs now and hates her buggy as she knows she can walk (has been since 10 months) god help me ha x 

  • It's so incredible to see so many of you here! And your babies - where has the year gone! 
    Please do drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can send your gift out. 

  • Have pmd you danielle :) 

    Aww lovely, are you going anywhere nice lizabee? We went to butlins in may it was so lovely :) 

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