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September 2016 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our September 2016 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in September 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




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    Aww morning all this thread makes me feel sad as how fast has time gone! No plans for 1st bday yet as we are going on hols Saturday and just about packing for that but will sort something when I get home , last xx I will come back later when I have more time and chat xx

  • image it's literally scary that they are going to be one! We have two parties planned to make sure everyone can see her and celebrate. One is a chinese meal.. Then the other is afternoon tea - I cannot wait. Love the piccy Kylie! Is Isla walking now? Xx

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    Its scary to think out our babies are nearly one 😞 is anyone little one walking yet?

    jordanna has took climbing to another level 😭😭 climbs on everything 

    how are yiu kylie and hannah

  • I'm good Michelle! Jordanna looks so cheeky bless her.. 

    Me and Mj just sharing salmon for dinner then off to meet our friend xx

  • She is getting so big 😞 She's just had a little morning nap so waiting on her sister coming home from school (just started p1 half day) then going to get lunch :) then have a clear out  Of all their old clothes ready for the baby market xx

  • September 2016 toddlers!!! Omg time is going by way too fast!!! I just received a package full of straps, locks, corner protectors etc to baby proof the place because Arlo is a little terror!!! 

  • Hey girls, you're babies are looking so big and gorgeous! Where's our tiny babies gone waaaah! 

    Heidi has got a cake smash booked in for her 1st bday and I'm gunna have a go at making the cake myself...wish me luck! I've also got a little tea partyimageimage planned with all the family which will be nice!

    So Heidi is finally crawling, thought it was never gunna happen! I have a feeling she will be a late walker too. She's a very chatty one though and can say lots of animal sounds etc.

    Hope you girls are all

  • Karen I feel your pain 😂 We can't leave a door open anywhere in the house or jordanna is off 😂

    Aww bex thats fab be no stopping her now 🙈


    jordannas dress for her birthday full of memories 

  • Oh my word where has this last year gone. Oliver will be one next week - I still can't believe how quickly that happened. We are just spending the day with family. 

    LOving jordanna''s dress and all the pics of the other little ones are gorgeous. 



  • NO WAY!!💔

    i don't think I can handle this. How on earth are we the "September 2016 Toddlers" thread now.😭 This time last year we were all so so close and excited to meet our bundles I remember it like it was yesterday. I really don't know where that year has gone 🤧

    So nice to see all the updates and how all of your lovely babys are growing away and as gorgeous as ever😍 We are all so lucky aren't we!

    what an amazing dress Michelle, don't think I've ever seen anything like that! That's super creative. 

    Karen that sounds like a handy parcel I definitely need to get me some😂

    We are going down the lines of a teaparty/BBQ garden party too (weather permitting.) A lot of my friends have children so I hope it's dry as we'd like to get a bouncy castle in the garden! All of my family are down too so that will be nice.

    what little presents are you all thinking about going for?

    image image

  • The last year has went past far to quickly 🙈 I've actually managed to enjoy baby stage without being really ill or pregnant lol

    aww earth angel look at oliver he's so cute

    and chloe Morgan is getting so big 

    we are having a bbq weather permitting for Jordanna 🙈 Just family and close friends x

  • had to share Jordanna took 3/4 steps yesterday by herself 🙈

    Out ut babies are growing to fast 

  • Aww that's fab!! Meredith is nowhere near and I'm thankful haha the crawling is hard enough haha xximage

  • Gixxers Jordanna is going to be running ring around you soon enough if not already haha!

    the beautiful MJ Han😍 She's lush cxx

  • Hannah I wish she was just crawling 😂😂 she's growing to fast 😭 Think I might need to take hubby up on his plan of having another 😂

    aww chloe i don't know either to be happy or cry 😭

  • Ah Morgan and meredith are so gorgeous. Wow can't believe jordanna took some steps. Oliver tries but is just too lazy ha ha ha. 

    We have got oliver a smartrike for his birthday. We are using it now for the good weather but he absolutely loves it. Have also got him a couple of bits to open on the day.


    Hope you all have a super fab bank holiday. Xx

  • So after 11 months use out Jordanna's crib shes had her 1st night in her cot 😍😍image

  • Oh bless her. How did she get on. Xx

  • Earth angel she done fab I think she was ready for it. I wasn't tho to the point where hubby asked if I wanted her cot down stair in our room 😂

    Shes in with her sister :) xx

  • Aw Michelle, Jordanna looks so cwtchy in her cot! I bet she loved the extra room, it's us that hates letting go isn't it! Morgan keeps wanting to feed himself with his spoon and hold his own bottle.. I'm so not ready to let go of these little things yet! Especially not the bottle 🙄😭😂

    aw the smart trike looks cool earthangel, i hope you had a beautiful bank holiday like us to get Oliver out on it!☀️

    what is everybody else thinking of getting their little ones for their birthday?

    my best friend ordered morgan the bouncy castle Saturday, and it's ideal really because if it rains on the days they don't take any money for it they just obviouslt won't deliver! It's all getting real! Xx

    Chuffed with himself for stealing my biscuit 😶😂


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