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Toddler over 18kg in car seat?

Hiya. I have a close friend with a 3 year old daughter. She told me she came up as 19kg but i swear she's more now as she hasn't told me in a few months. Then I start thinking about the little girl's baby/car seat. When I saw it, is a 5 point harness group 0-1 car seat. It is designed to be for children up to 18kg. Children normally outgrow or give up those seats at 3 and will soon move onto a booster or a 1-2-3. It says a 0-1 for up to 4s and most 3 year olds are over that weight. Anyway I'm not gonna judge, they'll probably keep her in it for a little while and then move her out. I was just wondering and in order to use and install your seat you need to read the manual? When are you moving your child out?


  • Hi DreamyJenny,

    I work on the MadeForMums team and was really interested to see your post - you raise a really valid question.

    Car seats can be a really confusing subject, as there are so many different brands and types that suit babies and children of varying ages, weights and heights.

    For babies/toddlers who may be large or heavy for their age, and need to move from a Group 0+/1 car seat but whose parents would still like them to use a 5-point harness rather than the car seat belt, there are some great Group 2/3 seats that still use a harness:

    And you are absolutely right, in order to use and install your car seat, it's definitely wise to read the manual - in fact, we recommend that the seat is installed by a professional seat fitter when you buy it (most big nursery stores like Mothercare and Toys R Us have their own, as well as shops like Halfords).

    Not all car seats fit all cars, so getting it correctly installed is really important.

    We have lots of advice on the latest child car seat regulations - plus safety advice and guidelines on which car seat is safest for your child.

    Check it out here:

    Hope this helps and thanks for being part of the MFM chat forum!

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