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  • Hi everyone, we were just wondering if any of you had had any experience of speech delays with a toddler? One mum is looking for some advice, or just a hand hold on this thread here

  • Hey been a while since I posted had allot going on how you are all doing well.. 

    So I recently became a single mother which is why i been gone for so long the adjustment is a bit of a pain but getting through it now just me and my girls :) 

    imageStill lacking much hair but shes getting there haha xx


  • @SFW91 I didn't want to read and run. I can't even imagine how you are coping alone with a toddler. You are clearly doing a fab job, sending you virtual hugs and it will get better. Praying for you.

    A brief intro, I have a 2yrs and 4 month old boy called TIM. 

  • Hi sfw91.. lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you have been going through a breakup. Lovely pics! Do you have an allotment? We’ve been growing a few things at home this year and dayton loves to see the produce (so long as we can get to it before the dogs do! 😂. 

    Fludu... welcome! 

    Update from me... we are still here in japan and doing ok. Dayton is growing up so quickly and is such a sweet boy. He is super empathic and caring for a 2yo which has astonished me. I am pregnant again... 13weeks with twins!! ☺️

  • Hey thank you both, im allot better now adjusted fine and I have a garden im hoping to grow more in atm we have rosemary and a few different herbs the kids love being involed with it 

    Aw im still jealous that you are in japan thats a dream place for me to visit hopefully one day, they are all growing so fast hope he had a great birthday x

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