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My name is DanielleMFM and this is the brand new thread for anyone who has a toddler aged 2 years and up. Please do come and chat about all things toddler!

Everyone is welcome – whether you’ve been part of a birth club, a baby club or toddler (under 2) thread on MFM before or whether you’re new here and haven’t posted before.

To join in, just add a reply to this thread and tell us your toddler’s name and birthday – and add a pic if you’d like to (we’d love that!)

Looking forward to meeting you all!




  • Hi all! i have 1 little guy who is about to turn 2 on the 17th. I am 34, originally from the U.K. but now live in japan. Loolong forward to getting to know some more of you!

  • Hi all, I have 2 girls one 8 called lily and a soon to be 2 on the 16th, I am 25 from the uk :) 

    Glad to see you here SW2 are you prepared for his birthday? x 

  • Hi SFW! We actually had D's party last weekend as he had a joint birthday with his friend that he's known since they were born (they are 10days apart). It's really cool as we have known the couple since we were in Germany together then we both moved to the same base in US and now are both together in Japan so they are good friends and its lovely That the babies are growing up together. 

    We did a Japanese themed party... they had a 'sushi roll' cake to smash then a regular cake with the writing in Japanese, we had ninja balloons & ninja food etc. it was lovely! The best success was a game we had the kids play where they each had some kiddie chopsticks and had to see how many mini marshmallows they could pick up. All the kids from D's age right up to the oldest at 7 ish loved that! 

    What have you got planned for L's party?. image

  • Hi everyone so Harry turns 3 in October and Cameron turns 2! Just where has this time gone! Hope your all well will catch up soon xxx 

  • Omg sw2 not sure if you remember me or not but your name definitely jumps out! Moved to Japan I thought you where in the USA? Some serious catching up to do with everyone! Happy belated birthday to wee man xx

  • Hi Sarah! Yes I absolutely remember you!! ☺️. So lovely to hear from you!! I know right?!!! Time has flown! Lol... yep we were in america but being a military family they never have us staying in 1 place too long (usually 3-4 years) so we moved to Japan in march! So far we are enjoying it... it has its tough times but we are making the best of it. 

    How are harry & Cameron doing? How are you? ☺️

  • Omg hun sounds amazing, they are both doing amazing. Harry starts nursery in January and his going to enjoy it so much his so cheeky it's unreal and wee Cameron well his not wee no more his as big as Harry! Cammy speaks loads was really shocked how fast his picked it up but having 2 big brothers help lol Lennon turned 5 in August we are currently going through testing for him down the autism route it's hard and upsetting but his school are being good and doing what they can.

    So glad your keeping well going to be fab catching up with everyone again xx


    Cameron, Harry and Lennon xx

  • Aww! Lovely to see them! ☺️. Handsome boys! Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a tough time with Lennon but glad to hear the school are being supportive. Going through the testing process will be a good thing though... Lennon will have his special needs regardless but if it's picked up early then everyone will be able to learn how best to help him... children with autism can do amazing things if those around them know how best to help them... I'm sure you are already a pro at that As whatever any child is going through... parents know them best! Good thing too to get a diagnoses (if applicable) because then if you go down the route of getting him statemented, once he has a  statement the school(s) are legally obliged to fulfill the recommendations on there... e.g. If it's says he needs 1:1 help for some things. (well a tough least that was the case when I was a social worker in England 6 years ago & I wouldn't have thought something like that would've changed). 

  • It is hard at times but we are doing what we can and his really bright with his school work when it comes to numbers.

    I didn't know we could get help like that, we have managed to get 11 hours support work for him whilst his being assessed which isn't much but it will help.

    He can be so loving at times but then it's like a switch is flicked and he changes so much xxx

  • Good luck with it all Sarah! Keep us posted! If you need to talk just give me a shout!

  • My poor little guy has Hand, Foot & Mouth! 😩😩😩. He's covered & is pretty uncomfortable... it's heartbreaking as hes been coming to me all day crying & saying owie & clearly wanting me to make it better & theres just not much I can do for him (Other than pain meds). Anyone else been through it with their kiddos and got any tips? 

  • Hi everyone, we are wondering if you can help.... we seem to remember someone (possibly on your old Babies threads) whose baby held their breath - is that right? If so, any chance you might be able to help with this thread please? 

  • sorry had problems logging in :( 

    looks like he had an awesome day i made lyra a cake and we just stayed in and watched films hard to do stuff with them at that age when you dont no many people will post pictures below :) 

    Sarah how is it going i am currently going through something similar my eldest is 8yo and she is showing signs of Asperger's took me years to have them pay attention to what i was saying but she has just been refereed to counselling and more test which i am super happy about, i just want her diagnosed so that i can go down the right path in learning how to help her all the best tho x

    Sw2 how is he now bet it was a tough one to go through i can relate when lyra had her meningitis scare not much you can do for them but be there, hope he is better by now xx

    imagefirst time seeing her big girl bed (we made it after she got off and gave us a chance haha) 

    imagecake i made for her bday :) x

    imageone of her presents had to get it :) x

  • Today on the forum, we're asking about your family buying Christmas presents for your kids: do your parents and inlaws buy your children huge amounts of stuff that’s not needed? Or do you tell them specifically what to buy? Please do tell us on this new thread here. We'd love to hear from you! 

  • image

    Matthew and Kayleigh they were 2 on the 29 dec.  Life with twins can b very challenging at times.  

    Any suggestions For books to read to them for bedtime.  

  • Oh man do I!!! Lol... my little guy is a total bookworm!! 

    Some of my favorite books (& his) include: 

    1) the ‘llama llama‘ series (‘time to share’, ‘red pyjama’, ‘mad at mamma’ & ‘misses mama’ are some of our favs)

    2) the ‘pete the cat’ series (favs include ‘time to eat‘, ’new shoes’, ‘a pet for pete’,’groovy Buttons’). 

    3) groovy joe (can’t remember the exact title without looking by something to do with ice cream and dinosaurs. 

    4) usborne do some great interactive books like the ’peek Inside’ & ‘shine a light’ range.

  • Hi everyone, 
    We wanted to ask you, when you were pregnant, did you have the flu jab? Please do tell us on this new thread here.

    Also, if you fancy sharing your top tips for booking a family holiday with ABTA, you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher. That thread is here. Good luck! 

  • Hi, I'm Tabitha I have a 2 and a half year old son and a baby girl (although not relevant here!) Theo is an amazing big brother, no signs of jealousy, no tantrums, but with such a perfect little boy I'm constantly terrified that one day he's going to do a U-turn and be a little devil! I'm wondering, are his terrible twos going to come at 3 or 4?!!



  • Hi tabby... I thought no it’s all relative! my little boy has always been a super calm, sweet baby & to everyone else who compares him to their own kids he still is.., I have though noticed very slight changes in his behavior as a toddler which I’m guessing is his version of the ‘terrible 2’s’... he definitely uses fake crying (briefly)  to try & get what he wants for example & is more opinionated... to everyone else this appears like nothing as it is such a slight change... but it is a change none the less.

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a 2 and a half year old daughter, Aurora :) 

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