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October 2016 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our October 2016 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in October 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Hi everyone. Haven't been on here for ages but was wondering how your are all doing? I had my little girl in October last year after a miscarriage 2 months earlier. This year has been a whirlwind but truly the best year ever. Can't believe I'll have a 1 year old in 2 weeks time. I'll add some pics of my little girl. Xxx imageimageimage

  • Ahhh Linzi she's beautiful! Hope she has a lovely birthday! 

    and a big happy birthday to Matilda Cberg! 

    How is it even possible that we've now had to join a group called "toddlers" because they're not babies anymore? Never thought I would be one of those people who said things like "they grow up so quickly, where has the time gone etc etc" but it just seems crazy that my little guy will be one in a couple of weeks. He is a definite bundle of mischief but I love having my little sidekick around and I miss him so much when I'm at work! 

    how is everyone? Xx

  • My girl is now 1! Ladies its so sad that there no longer our babies! But we have had a lovely few days and she has been truly spoilt we had a little tea party for family and soft play today. Does anyone have any plans? X

  • Hi everyone 

    A big happy 1st birthday Matilda 😍

    were has the time gone. I can’t believe my baby girl is 1 in less than three weeks ahhhhh and I have gone overboard on presents as was expected. 

    I Can’t wait to see her lil face!!

    how is everyone? Has everyone gone back to work now?  I still have 6 weeks off that’s the good thing about having holidays November to October I planned perfectly hehe. I still have good and bad days more good than bad but I’m still seeing my doctor for PND and it’s helping a lot. I’m just glad it’s had no effect on Grace as she is the best lil princess I could ever of asked for 😍😍😍

    All three of us are not well at the minute and are on antibiotics. That’s the only downside of coming from Summer to Autumn it’s when we pick bugs and infections up but hopefully they kick in soon. hope to hear from you all soon xxx

  • Hi ladies!

    Can't cope with the word toddler! He will forever be my baby lol!

    Charlie is one in 2 weeks. No plans yet for his birthday. Not sure what to do. Probably just invite people round to see the birthday boy and have birthday cake. These were taken yesterday at bath time. He's got a really cheeky personality!


  • It's wonderful to see and hear from so many of you - Beartobe, I hear you - really where does the time go! 

    Please do pop me over a PM with your full name and address and we'll have your toddler gifts sent out soon. 

  • Hello! We're just wondering, has your child had a cake smash photo shoot? If so, fancy sharing the pictures on this new thread? We'd love to see them! 

  • So pleased you're doing so well mummy2threeangels and great to see your gorgeous cheeky chappy piglet! Whilst I find It hard to believe my little man is nearly one it also feels like forever ago we were all chatting about any twinges we were having and complaining how much we didn't want to be pregnant anymore haha. Anyone getting broody yet? I feel like we all need to coordinate our next pregnancy so we can go through it together again! Xx

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • I am really really broody 😍 I look at Grace and think ooooo i would love a lil play mate for her hehe 

    hi adorablebaby welcome to the group x

    Beartobe we really do need to hahah xx


    Heres Grace waiting to get her coat on to go out with daddy xx

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • Hi everyone, we were just wondering, when you had your baby, did you have a newborn photo shoot? If you did, we would love for to share the pics on this new thread here. Thank you! 

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • Hi adorable baby at this age they do start to eat less however your baby sounds like my daughter there storing up milk in the night which is keeping them full in the day. Can you express to a bottle and water it down? Or let her nurse for 5 minutes less? 

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • I didn’t breastfeed unfortunately but with people that I know did they just reduced the amount of time on the boob. Also when you breastfeed her put her down awake try not to let her fall asleep on your boob And see if that helps x

  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • It was Grace’s birthday last week (12th) and she was poorly 😔 However she got spoilt rotten by everyone 😍😍


  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • Hi group hope your all doing ok and your toddlers are doing well. Just to let ou all know I had a baby boy on the 15/12/2017 xx

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