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Snack between meals - what do you give your toddlers?

DD is 2.6 and always wants to snack in between meals. But then she doesn't eat well from the prepared meal. I try to give her healthy snacks like a banana, weetabix or such. What do you think, what shall I do?


  • Toddlers love a snack! and that eating between meals thing really can have a knock on effect for sure. I guess all you can do is keep  offering healthy stuff - a weetabix is quite filling, so i'd try some carrot sticks, raisins, cucumber, apples - probably what you're already doing? Maybe some dried cereal like Cheerios? 

  • Thank you, yeah they love weetabix! The only problem it's too filling thefore she doesn't eat much afterwards. Cheerios i'll try thanks! :)

  • You could try to give her something just enough small. I give my DS some yoghurt or lately I found in Tesco Fruitickles which has Cars on, so he would go crazy for it. It also tastes good and has no added sugar, no gluten, artificial anything in it

  • Thx, I will definitely have a look. Does it exist in girly version as well? DD is not that much of a Cars fan

  • Yes, I think I saw it in Frozen as well. The Cars one is "wheel" shaped, sometimes DS even plays with it, he sticks it to some boxes or lego as a wheel. Then I can get some time off :D I don't know what shape the Frozen one has though

  • We snack on bits like fruit/cucumber&carrot sticks/petits filous/cheese/organic baby snacks from stores like boots & Asda etc the only issue with them is they are a bit pricey! Xxx

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