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3 year old obsessed with clothes

My three year old daughter is obsessed with stripey clothes. She had a red and white striped top with short sleeves and a button back which she would call 'dig dig' and she would want to wear it EVERY day. I've just thrown the top out as it was too small, dirty and ripped. She asked to wear her 'dig dig' and i told her I threw it away. She got upset. She has lots of other stripey tops and dresses and has accepted them. The problem is she will refuse to wear anything unless it has stripes. She's got lots of other lovely clothes that's worth wearing now, as very soon they will be too small. Also lots of clothes go in the wash too, and she wears pretty much all of her striped outfits and she has to have stripes every day. Please help, it will be a pleasure for me and my washing machine.

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