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  • imageimage Kane was one yesterday my.Big boy so grown up went soft play with his play group friends then had his first mc Donald's when his sisters finished school :) imageimage

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  • imageimageimageMatthew & Amelia turned 1 on the 8th. We had a little get together at home & big sisters helped demonstrate the new presents (although Matthew took more interest in the box 😂). 

    Now looking to biggest sister's birthday on 12th December & Christmas. Don't feel quite so prepared this year as I did last year. 

    Hope everyone else is ok.

  • image imageimage

    We got our gift today. Thank you MadeForMums. She loves books and I can't wait to read it with her over Christmas. xx

  • Thank you so much made for mums for the lovely gift Kane loves bing :) 

  • Oh hooray, books are arriving! Thanks so much for posting the pics BabyTree and Sj83, we love seeing the little ones! 

  • imageimageMatthew & Amelia say thank you for their lovely gifts. Mummy may enjoy reading to them later  (if they let me have the books back 😂). X

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  • Lovely pics ladies

    Beau was 1 last Saturday, we had a tea party at home and it was open house for the day with family and friends visiting, he new he was the star of the day and just beamed although the little tyke managed to bite through his balloons 🙈.

    The previous Friday we ended up in A&E, I wanted to get Beau checked over as he'd had 5 breath holding spells in one day! They kept us in over night and discharged us the following day, I was so relieved as we didn't get transfered to the ward until 2.30am and every other baby seemed to have bronchitis or croup, hes got to have a couple of follow up checks, as he had meningitis at birth it makes him more suspect able to epilepsy but I'm pretty confident they are just breath holding spells.

    Has anyone moved baby up to a stage 1 carseat ?  Beaus really starting to play up when I put him in his, he's over the 9kg so I've stared looking at at bigger ones thinking he might prefer but not sure what to get, any recommendations ? XimageimageBeau with his birthday balloon  (his favourite present until he bit it lol) and at my friends house, although I think he suits pink lol x

  • Wow beau looks so grown up I haven't really loped a raid bigger car seats yet Kane's still quite tiny and I don't drive so  his not really in car much hope beaus on the mend now so scary Kane's turned in to a little climber climbing every thing 🙈

  • Thanks SJ, I must admit he amazes me everyday, Beaus also a nightmare with climbing, he can slip the straps on his highchair and if I'm not quick he's half in half out! He also has started to climb his sisters barbie house by positioning and standing on the barbie car he can just about reach the next shelf up! I don't remember my other 2 being like this 🙈

    I've started looking at cars seats purely because he'll arch his back into a crab and really play up when I strap/ fight to strap him in, he'll then moan / cry for the journey which I find distracting, it was more about being able to manage journeys better as Beaus only little too, chunky but little lol although I think he's slimed down a little since he's been walking, I still have to turn the bottoms up on his 9-12 month trousers 😂 takes after my grandad who calls him 'little Bill' tbh think thats a dig for not calling him Billy x

  • Chezabelle weve gone for the joie 360 after lots of research but I haven't actually used it myself yet. We still have Aiden in his old car seat so far but considering changing soon. I thought the fact I could spin him around to put him in would be helpful as bump gets bigger. 

    Aiden loves climbing everything too! But still not walking yet.

    Aiden's book arrived on his birthday morning! He loves it, thanks Danielle and MFM.imageimageimage

  • Maxi cosi Tobi is the car seat we used with our older girls & what we will likely return to with the twins. The chair is raised so they can see out of window easier, the straps have a colour indicator to say when they are tight enough & they spring open to allow easier in & out of the chair. The car belt wraps around the base of the chair & it is very secure once in place. We are just waiting for the twins to reach the 9kg mark to transfer from current seats

  • Thanks ladies, I've ended up buying the maxi-cosi pearl, I had this car seat for my daughter and loved it, I would of liked the new version but it's soooo expensive! One of the mums at the school gave me a 2nd hand family fix isofix base and I brought the car seat new out of the money I made selling Beau's bedside cot and bouncy chair. 

    Dinky, Aiden looks like he had a lovely day, I'm glad Beau"s not the only climber and he's so stringed willed, he's been walking for a good month now and still won't wear shoes which is a nightmare as he doesn't really crawl anymore, I swear he'll be going to school bare footed 😂. 

    Now Beau's one he's too old for the 0-12month baby group we attended so I'm looking for a local toddler group as he gets so bored and I'm lucky if he sleeps for half an hour all day, I wish I could bottle his energy.

    Here's a pic from yesterday, the play corner is in our kitchen which is an 'L' shape, I only turned the kettle on and he was up to his antics again 🙈 my cheeky little man 😍 x


  • omg beau that's so scary what a cheeky boy lol 😂 

  • Had to post, finally got my big boy in a pair of shoes (3rd attempt lol), wasn't a happy bunny at 1st, and has been 'moon walking' 😂 seems to be getting the hang of them now 😍imageimage

  • Today on the forum, we're asking about your family buying Christmas presents for your kids: do your parents and inlaws buy your children huge amounts of stuff that’s not needed? Or do you tell them specifically what to buy? Please do tell us on this new thread here. We'd love to hear from you! 

  • image

    Very smart shoes we not done shoes yet until his walking took Kane's for his first visit to Santa today was a photo shoot with father xmas can't want to get the pics back this is Kane's getting ready for his pics though 13 months Tomoz :) 

  • This was Penelope when we got her first pair of shoes, she wasn't walking unaided but was pulling herself up, now she's nearly across the room without falling. I love it! 


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