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  • Sj were booked into see santa on Friday, I was feeling really guilty as I had tickets to a kids charity Xmas party, kids were going to see santa there but it was cancelled due to all the snow we had. How was kane? My daughter wouldnt entertain the idea till she was 3 but I think Beau will be okay, he's a lot more outgoing. 

    Ahhh baby tree penelopy sound like she's doing really well. Beau has finally got the hang of walking in hard sole shoes now but I've got 2 admit it took some perseverance, he's really confident now and is always chasing and diving on his sister, problem is as he's a biter she moves out the way quick which usually results in a little face planting on the floor, then I have Georgia crying that Beau's hurt himself lol, the joys.

    Hope all the kiddies have a lovely Xmas,  Beau's really enjoying all the 'pretties' as he calls them (Christmas lights) ximage

  • Aww chezabelle, he's adorable. Penelope wasn't too fussed about our tree or seeing Santa lol. She wouldn't even entertain Santa, kept saying no & shaking her head haha! 

    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I still have a big car in my living room that I feel too bad taking away as she loves it. She's walking everywhere now and just getting used to walking it walking shoes now rather than cruisers. 

  • Hi everyone. Have you seen Dan Osborne's new tattoo of his kids on his thigh? It got us wondering, do you or your partner have any tattoos about your kids? If so, please do come and tell us about them here.  

  • Hello, hope everyone is doing well. 

    Matthew is still under neonatal paediatrician & dietetics for 'failure to thrive' (slow weight gain) & has now reached the 'investigation' phase (bloods & urine samples done...). Meanwhile he is the one that is actively cruising the furniture & trying to run before he can walk 😉

    Amelia is less concerned about the attempting to stand & walk as she is pretty speedy on all 4s. She is also the awkward moo who is reluctant to quit the baby jars for more 'grown up' food like everyone else  (will just about accept risotto & cottage pie, everything else is shoved aside 😕) yet 'no concerns' as she is still following the same centile 😂

    Mummy is about to embark on her swimming teacher training this week, hoping to be fully qualified just after Easter. I was feeling confident but nerves are starting to settle in now 🙈

    Older girls are now on half term  (Daddy may actually appreciate what Mummy does all day during the holidays as it's him at home while Mummy gets the 9-5 shift 😉). Time feels like it's flying once more. 

    Catch up again soon. X

  • kazziem good luck with the training :) Kane walks when he feels like it lol still much prefers to crawl his finally got his first tooth as well imageimage

  • imageimage

    Think you guys are lucky. Penny is everywhere! Haha. She doesn' sit still these days. Hope Kane's teeth aren't bothering him too much Sj, Penny's were horrendous when they were coming through, she's nearly got them all now though. 

    Good luck with the training Kazzie. I'm thinking of looking into child nursing but not sure how much of my time it's going to take. xx

  • BAby tree his been having such a bad time sore bum and screaming of a night time 😭 So horrible for them :( 

  • It's awful isn' it Sj. Penelope was so bad. I'd like to tell you it gets better but she was the same with each that came through. It's as though they're screaming for nothing because they can't tell you. Try anbesol on his gums when theyre giving him grief. That was the only thing that worked for Penny xx

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  • Hi ladies

    Nice to hear from you all, lovely pics as always, Beaus now got 10 teeth, he's recently cut 2 back teeth which resulted in hysterical crying during the night 🔫. Beau still has his 'breath holding spells' I'm that use to them now that it's water of a ducks back but other people find them quiet distressing, his dad still goes to pieces! Beau was also discharged by the consultant (following his meningitis) in January. He's still a little live wire and very quick on his feet, he's such a cheeky character, he just attracts people where ever we go, gonna be a charmer I think ximagehe's still a little climber 😂


  • Lovely to see all the updates of our little one year olds! Aiden started walking just after new year and there's no stopping him already. After getting 6 teeth at 8 months he's only just starting to have another peep through now. He's such a character and has everyone giggling at him! Not long now until he is a big brother as baby is due in the next 3 weeks! 


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  • Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. Unsure on where to post this but need a bit of advice.

    Penelope is now 17 months old and we seem to be introducing a lot of changes all at once. We're not too bothered about a dummy now so we've not been going to bed with it & when Penny wakes up in the night, this is when I give it her (for an easy nights sleep!) We're also trying to cut our AM nap out too so a change there for Penny to get through which results in Penny being tired around tea time if she doesn't nap at the right time. 

    Do you think this is all a bit much all at once?

    Also, how does everyones little one sleep? With regards to sleeping bags or duvets etc  She's way too warm to use a 2.5 tog sleeping bag but too cold for just a blanket so was thinking of getting a duvet as we're starting to outgrow our sleeping bag. Are duvets safe or should I get the next size in sleeping bag?xxx 

  • Hi everyone, lovely to see the toddler updates.

    Babytree - pillows & duvets are fine from 12mths but we have preferred 'coverlets' (a sort of sheet/blanket combo). As for dummy & nap - if she seems to be coping then follow her lead (my only rule is no nap after 3:30pm or they don't settle at bedtime)

    Well my twins are definitely chalk & cheese. Matthew is as close to walking as he can get without letting go of things. He is also very into technology & is drawn to the Ipad, TV remote & smart phones. He has 8 teeth now & has movicol to help chronic constipation issues. His appetite has picked up since the movicol though. 

    Amelia has almost a full set of teeth now  (the back molars are currently cutting & boy, is she letting us know). She is attempting to stand & cruise  (with the right motivation) but is lazier than her twin in this respect. She prefers to shuffle around on her knees & pretend it's walking. 

    Hope everyone else is ok. X

  • Hi ladies Kane's had a duvet for about two months was hoping it would help him sleep in his own bed it didn't 😭😭he sleeps in his bed for a few houurs then his in either us annoyed with my self that we have got in to this routine as my girls always been great sleepers Kane's doesn't have a dummy now except for bed time it's  really helped with his talking with him not having it imageimage

  • imageHi ladies, gosh aren't our babies getting big! Beau still wakes to come in our bed too, but has some nasty back teeth coming, he starts of in a grow bag as he wriggles out the covers in his cot but when he wakes he fight to have it of! He's had a pillow for a couple of months now though. I've even Brough one of those expensive Myhummy teddies which does help but wasn't the miracle I'd hoped for. I just keep not much longer and he'll be in his big boy room and bed, mine have all slept fine once in a single bed at around 20 months, don't think I could trust Beau quiet yet 🙈. 

    Well that's the easter hols over with, alarm set for the school run so here's to an early night x

  • Hello ladies kids backs at school and Kane's now been in his own bed all night for two weeks 😍Been amazing having our bed to our selfs again finally his such a cheeky boy his such a comedian always wanting to make you laugh bless him had any one had any thoughts on pre school yet my girls went at two but I'm not sure i might keep him till his 3 lol imageimage

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  • Hi ladies, Hope you are all well. I Was Just wondering? Have any of you left your little ones with relatives for more than just one night? Me and the other half are out in Manchester on Saturday for a friend's birthday so my mum is having Penelope but she's asked if she can also have her on the Friday night too. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Is she a little too young? I'm afraid she'll think I've left her x

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