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I am 20 years old and currently studying a teaching degree. I want to eventually start up a private nursery however I want the nursery to be something parents would love. I thought gathering ideas from you lovely ladies would be a great start. 

If you have children attending day nurseries do you have anything you would add or change or anything you hate.

I just want to create a starting point and eventually build a nursery enviroment every parent would love! 

Tell me times, prices, food ideas, what you would want in my staff. Anything would help me.



  • Hi hun...just read you post thought I would add some comments :) I have worked in day nurseries for about 15 years and was a room leader 3rd in charge and then manager. me and my husband plan on opening a preschool in a couple of years too. Basically parents always want to know their kids are in a safe and happy enviroment and the only way to get this is your staff...i have worked with so many different types of girls some just want the money and see it as just a job others want it because it's just a last minute job idea and some want it purely for the love of children (these are the staff you want)...most young girls are very bitchy I guess towards the job..wanting just the money and not giving the children what they need and getting very impatient towards the kids and end up shouting at them obviously this isn't what you need or want as the kids soon know what they are like and end up not wanting to go and the parents complain and can even take the kids out of nursery which of course put a bad reputation  down on you, get in staff that want to work with kids and love the job :) nursery hours are typically 7:30 while 18.00 some do vary parents like theses times especially if they have a long work day gives them time to get out of work and come and get the kids without a massive rush not like the typical school day, also you could offer half day places to parents if they wish e.g. 7:30 while half 12, half 12 while 18:00pm. As for prices well that's up to you a lot of private nurseries chage £28 for a half day £46 for full day but that is honestly up you. Food wise a healthy balanced menu different every week for a month then starts again e.g. week one Monday : chicken curry with rice, fruit salad for pudding, 

    Week 2 Monday : vegetarian lasagne strawberries and cream for pudding. And so on :) 

    In the mornings I would offer breakfast at 8:00 am until 9:00 a very light snack around 10:00 and the dinner at 11:45 until 12:30 then nap time. Then another snack at 15:00 free play then outdoor time.

    Toys wise the usual really book area, home corner, construction area, messy play area, drawing area , quiet time area all these you can arrange the way you want and what suits the kids and the room. 

    Hope this helps a little lol :)

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