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Pre-school - toddler acting differently since starting, suspicious of staff, what would you do?

hi moms, i have noticed my lo is having a strange behavior after starting pre-school, 3rd week now. While playing she is getting angry saying "sit down", and crying everytime we go to preschool and also when taking her home. there are other details that made us suspicious about the staff behaviour towards children. Can anyone relate, what should i do? thx. 


  • Hey hun I've worked in nurseries for a long time and from what your saying the staff are to blame if she's saying sit down in a forceful way and she doesn't have it at home then it must be the staff may be not directly to your lo but maybe to other kids and your daughter is mimicking what she is seeing. As for the crying a lot of children do cry when coming to nursery but are usually fine 10 mins after and when she cries when you come to get her is it like she's so happy to see you she cries or does she not want to leave? What other suspicions have you had with staff? I've worked with some down right horrible staff who are lovely to the parents when dropping their little ones off then after that time has passed they become really unprofessional e.g swearing in front of children, telling kids to shut up and all sorts! Obviously I complained about them as I'm a parent myself and would be horrified if my child was spoken to like that there's just no need! Needless to say they were sacked in the end...i know I shouldn't say all that as not all staff are like that but a lot are so two faced it's unreal and see the kids as annoyance and that it's just a job to them. You know your own little girl through and through if you think it's the nursery then I would seriously complain and consider moving her nurseries. Sorry to be so honest I just can't stand staff that clearly don't have a love for the job hope you little one is ok xx

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  • You can't record anything in the rooms with the kids without parents consent and the owners and staff permission, she could get charged with confidentiality breaching, breaching of privacy and putting children's information at risk. Although it sounds like the easier option she could get into a lot of trouble. 

  • If you are uncomfortable, it is time to find a new care provider.  Talk to the owner and let that person know why you are leaving. Once you blow the whistle staff that is not dismissed could hold a grudge and they will most surely tell other staff members about you.  

    I left a questionable care provider and the new place is so great with my kids. There are places out there that do wonderful jobs. 

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