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Sleep advice needed - 17month old waking several times a night

My little boy is 17 months and has never been a great sleeper but it’s really taking its toal now. He’s still waking around 2-3 times every night. He doesn’t seem to be able to settle himself back to sleep. I’ve made the mistake of taking him in with me a few rimes just to make life easier but he’s so restless etc that neither of us sleep properly and it’s not a habit I want to get in. I’ve tried and failed with the controlled crying as it breaks my heart hearing him getting so unbelievably worked up. Has anyone been in a similar boat and anything worked? 


  • So does he go to sleep ok, when you first put him to bed about 7ish and settle himself? 

    You could try a banana before bed - i've read about this helping sleep. 
    Also you could try that Lush Sleepy cream which is meant to help.
    Maybe a Go Gro clock, but he might be a bit young to understand it. 
    Reward chart? Again maybe a bit young? 
    When he wakes in the night, maybe just put him straight back in his own bed, no talking, or eye contact, and keep doing this, until hopefully he learns new habits. 

  • He only goes to sleep at night after milk and falls asleep on me (not breast milk just a cup of milk) yeah he’s to small to userstamd reward charts etc he is only 17monthe :) ive tried the lush sleepy cream but made no difference at all. Thanks tho 

  • Oh i'm sorry that stuff hasn't worked. Try the banana before bed hon - my friend swears by it. Also, does he nap during the day? 
    Also, i'd stop taking him in bed with you at night - just quit it, and try to help him understand it's his bed only. 
    Have a google of Supernanny too - she's got lots of tips for this stuff. Good luck x

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