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2 year old waking super early!

Hey ladies just after a little advice so basically my 2 and half year old goes to bed around 7:00/7:30pm but she wakes up at silly times like half 4 or 4:45 she used to do this a lot as was a terrible sleeper but since she stopped her sleeps in the day she began sleeping in till about 6:45am which was great she doesn't want to sleep in the day any more I've tried giving her a nap but she doesn't maybe on the odd occasion she may have 30 mins or 45mins, we have a 3 month old now and the early mornings started again which I was expecting if I'm honest but now they are getting earlier and earlier my husband works 12 hour shifts 2 days 2 nights so it's me up early and with baby for 5 days and 4 nights the husband has baby one night inbetween so I have a little really at the end of my rope with these early mornings as baby is up through the night ECT and usually goes back off around 4 after his 3 o'clock feed, I really don't know what to do...ive tried a grow egg light that hasn't helped one bit, I've tired saying it's still bed time but she screams the house down even tried leaving for a while to see of she will go back off but no...any ideas ladies? She gets so grumpy aswel in the day and is such hard work my 3 month old only wants me so he screams all the time so I don't get a minute ! I love being a mum but finding it terribly hard atm! 


  • Anyone?

  • Hmm anytime before 5.30 is just too early, so i feel your pain. 

    Is she in a cot bed or toddler bed? 

    Also is she at nursery during the day? 

  • She's in a cot still got her a toddler bed for Christmas she starts nursery In January, it is so hard lol 

  • Ok, i think things will change when she moves into the bed and also when she starts nursery. Nursery will really tire her out. 

    When are you planning on giving her the bed? Turn it into a really big thing, and that she must stay in bed until she sees the egg light change - make a huge deal about the 'big girls bed' and hpefully this will alter the pattern of early waking. 

    It is all so bloody hard - i hear you totally! 

  • Boxing day lol yes going to make a huge deal about it! Yes that's what I'm hoping anyway with nursery my goodness I feel like zombie half the time and doesn't help when people are are you ok you look Ill I just like no I'm tired haha I love them dearly but wow ! Will really make a massive deal with the bed and everything even if she's in bed till half 6 I can handle that again this morning 4:50 am I nearly cried!! Haha thanks hun xx

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