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DD not walking yet

Hi all,

My DD has just turned 14 months old and isn’t wslking yet. I know there’s still time but all the other babies I see appear to be walking by 14 months and I’m freaking out. She sits really well, crawls, pulls herself up, cruses along furniture, walks and curtains, walks with a stroller, walks beside you holding your hand and she is able to stand holding on to the lightest piece of cotton on your trousers as support but she just doesn’t have the balance or stamina to stand on her own never mind walk. I just can’t see it happening any time soon. I’m worried that somethings wrong with her and that she’s never going to walk.

Any reassurance or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks xx


  • My 2 girls didn't walk until 15 and 18 months, so i'd say deffo don't worry. Plenty of time yet x

  • Thanks Mrsg14. DD has been quite late with her gross motor skills... sitting up at 7 months, rolling at 10 months, pulling herself up at 10/11 months, walking holding hands and with the stroller at 11/12 months, cruising at 12 months, didn’t crawl till gone 12 months. Just seems to be a massive lag from then till now... I thought she’d be walking by now but she can’t even stand unsupported yet. Just hope she gets there in the end 🙏🏻. But like you say, we still have time I guess xx

  • Does she wear shoes to help her balance? As woth everything children do things at their own pace. She’s moving with support so she is able to. Its like a mix of confidence and just Not ready xx

  • Thanks for your reply MilliesMummyx. I’ve literally just brought her some shoes! She needs some anyway as loves walking around (with support obvs!) when we are out and about and they play out in the garden at nursery. She’s knows what to do and likes to do it with support, she just doesn’t have the strength or balance yet, which at 14 months I really thought she would. Her legs are quite thin compared to her upper half so I wonder if that has anything to do with it xxx

  • Try not to worry too much,although I did with my youngest as my friends children of the same age where all walking way before him and talking before him but he's caught them all up now! I've 3 children, my daughter walked a week before her 1st birthday,my eldest son walked at 23 months(due to being born 17 wks premature) and my youngest son walked at 19 months! Your daughter has done all the other milestones and is crusing around furniture so im sure once she has the confidence she will do it😊 I held a spoon and got my youngest son to hold the end and he walked lengths of the front room like that for weeks but just couldn't do it without that tiny bit of support,when he did take his 1st steps alone it was for milky buttons held out to him😉 x 

  • My son is late with his gross motor skills he’s 8 months and still doesn’t sit🤦🏼‍♀️ 

    Your child will get there eventually and I know it’s hard but try and not compare your child with others xxx

  • Thanks for the reassurance Mumsymum3, that really helps. And is so nice to hear your experience. I need to focus on the fact that my LO has hit the other milestones and that she will get there with the walking milestone too. Just not nice seeing other babies her age practically running around! My LO can walk just holding on to my finger or a piece of clothing but just cannot do it on her owN at all. I’ll try the spoon activity, sounds like it could really help. And I think the chocolate buttons will definitely help! 

    Thanks mama bear, I’m trying so hard not to compare. Your LO will get there with the sitting. My friends LO is almost 1 and he cant sit very well at all however he rolls, crawls and has started pulling himself up and cruising. So crazy how they are all so different and do different things at different times xxxxx

  • I know it’s hard, I compare all the time then get upset because he can’t do what their doing but I guess they all develop at different stages xxx

  • Hi, my son was 17 months before he was walking on his own. He was cruising on furniture from about 10 months but he just wouldn’t walk, he had cruiser shoes from about 1 year and then just before he started walking I got him proper shoes, although the shop advised against it because he wasn’t walking independently, but I thought it helped him walking outside holding hands.

    i got home from Work one day and he was walking, the next day however he didn’t walk at all! Then from there he was fine. 

    He has just turned 2 and now my worries are if he is slow with speech. Just shows our worries turn into something else when it comes to our little ones. 

    Good luck! 

  • It’s weird isn’t it cos as soon as they start cruising u think walking independently is just around the corner but that isn’t necessarily the case! I’ve brought my LO some shoes but a girl at work said apparently u arent meant to put them in shoes until they are walking as it can effect the development of their feet and ankles. So I only put her in them wen outside at nursery or if we are out at a restaurant and she wants to get down and crawl and cruise and walk holding hands.

    I know as soon as she walks 🙏🏻 that then I’ll be worrying about her speech. It’s just gonna be one think after another isnt it xxxxx

  • Hi There,

    I really wouldn't worry.  My eldest didn't walk until he was 15 months.  He never ever crawled, just bum shuffled. 

    My Youngest started walking, literally holding a finger at 9 months old so we expected a really early walker - nope! Lol.  He was 13 months before he started walking!  Tinker!

    They all do things at their own pace and they all do things when they are ready.  They are stubborn little mules.

    If you are really concerned, maybe talk to your health visitor?  They have been good for me when I have needed reassurance.

    Make the most of it though - when she is walking you will regret it! ha ha!  I was longing for my eldest to walk, when my second came along I was willing him not to walk!! :-) xx

  • Hi Swanny85, 

    Thanks for your message. Really helps to hear so many other mmums day that their LO didn’t walk until a bit later on. Makes me feel like actually my little girl is g doing as badly as I thought and that we still have a bit of time. 

    Haha it’s so annoying when she doesn’t do what I want her to do!!!

    I emailed my HV and she gave me some advice and reassurance but I think she’s gonna call me for a proper chat tomorrow. 

    Awwwww so many ppl tell me that! Be careful what you wish for!!! Xxx

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