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PeeWeePotato’s adventures

Once upon a time there was a very happy potato couple who lived in a very quiet vegetable garden Mummy potato had just given birth to what mum and dad believed to be the cutest baby potato they had EVER seen. Mummy and Daddy were very happy with their baby they named him Peewee. As the little potato grew up his parents always knew he was Special but it wasn't until he was just about to turn 10 years old that Peewee potato realised he's wasn't quite the same as other baby potatoes in the vegetable garden. 

All peewee could think about is if there was more to life than he already knew. He became a very unhappy little potato he could feel there was more to life than he'd experienced, so one very early morning he decided to set off for the day to see if he could find anything out of the ordinary, to his excitement he discovered an old tunnel that was all blocked off with huge stones showing a danger sign. He knew he wasn't to enter, so he ran home to tell his mum and dad what he had FOUND, but to peewee's disappointment they sat him down and told him he was never to go back There peewee was so upset he didn't understand why but because his mum had told him as nicely as she could not to return to the tunnel as it was a very dangerous place he did as he was asked and stayed away. 

A month later his very exciting find was still very much playing on his mind with his curiosity getting the better of him he decided to tell his friends about what he'd found he really wanted to show his friends first come Rhys a very outgoing little tomato he loves climbing messing around and would love an adventure then these Nicholas a very shy little carrot whom most of the time is very quiet but loves to talk he's the smart one lastly there's hope she's the most beautiful coli flower you'll ever see more importantly she happens to be the princess of light Town who brought along the two baby Brussels she was babysitting Elsa and faye overjoyed with excitement they planned to all sneak out together and go to explore this very mysterious tunnel. 

Later that night as potato garden Village quiets down mum and dad take themselves to bed peewee waits to hear daddy potato start to snort then up he jumps out of his bed he puts on his black lucky pants, and he's little striped hat grabs his little brown rucksack filled with all the possible essentials just in case anything goes wrong best to be prepared he mutters to himself and sets off to meet his friends he arrives at the den it was a great den a hole dug under a leaf inside Rhys and Nicholas were already waiting just waiting for hope says Rhys nothing new there shouts Nicholas everyone starts laughing will Elsa and faye be joining us asks peewee there to young answers Rhys about time sighed Nicholas where had you been there in the corner appeared a very beautiful hope doing my hair and what she snaps I was only asking replies Nicholas as he looks down at the floor is everyone ready to go asks a very joyful peewee so up they get ready to start their big adventure together let me know what u think that’s

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