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My 18 month Screams when going to bed.

Hi, I have an 18 month LG who for 17 months has been the perfect sleeper. All we had to do was give her some milk then she would point to her cot. We would then put her in the cot, say goodnight and leave the room. Sometimes she would babble a bit but always drifts of to sleep. During the day also I would just put her down and leave the room. NOW however that has all changed. It started after one afternoon she got herself really upset and threw up all in cot. She has gone down to 1 nap a day but not in her cot. It has to be in the pushchair or her lying next to me on the sofa. This is not ideal. The night routine is a nightmare though, as if we try to leave the room before she has gone to sleep she just screams and full on tears also appear. We have tried the 5minutes then go in put my arms around her whilst in bed, tell her it's bedtime and leave. But as soon as I have left she screams again. This has been going on for over a month now and she also does it in travel cots. Is anyone having the same issue or has any suggestions I would truly appreciate any help. Thanks in Advance. xx


  • Oh it's such a shock to the system when our kids throw these changes at us - i know you're living it right now, but it is likely a phase, and it will get better. 

    Have you tried changing up the bedtime routine a little bit? Maybe get her a lovely nightlight? Or you might want to readup on the gradual retreat sleep method (google it - there's loads about it). 

    Don't know how you feel about controlled crying, as some mums really hate it (it did work for me) but that's another option. 

    I think focus on getting the night time sorted, and hopefully the day time nap will come with that too. 

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