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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our February 2017 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in February 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Eeeek can’t believe our babies are 1 or nearly 1! Lucas is 1 on the 10th and is a little super star. he is having a cake smash photoshoot on Saturday and then on the 9th he is having a little afternoon tea party.

    He is a cheeky little boy, always smiling. He has starting pulling himself up on absolutely everything so have to have eyes on him 24/7 but love every second of it x


  • Oh my goodness toddler doesn't sound right! Rose will be 1 on the 8th of Feb. It' gone in the blink of an eye here's my little munckinimage

  • Toddler group already!!! 

    Matilda will be 1 on the 20th we are going out for the day and having a family meal that evening. 

    Hope all the babies have a lovely first birthday 😃 


  • I can't believe they're all almost one, where has the time gone!! Skye's birthday is the 15th, but her sisters is the 25th so we're having a joint party on Lola's birthday, saves family and friends having two parties in the space of ten days. My phone is playing up and won't let me upload a recent pic of her.

    She's only got two teeth through, but another two are on their way. She doesn't sit still now, cruising around the furniture none stop, but hasn't got the confidence to do it alone. 

  • Aww bless them all they all look so grown up. Harrys birthday is tomorrow and the plan was just do a few picky bits at nans. This has changed to ours as she has no kitchen haha but we never do anything ott for their first. I can't believe I was sat in the hospital waiting to be induced as he popped my waters and didn't want to make an appearance. Hope you all have a special day image 

  • Hi everyone. It's so wonderful to see how far your babies have come in a year! 

    AngWass2, do you have any cake smash pics? We'd love to see them. 
    MUM2TB, Rose has the self feeding nailed! 
    Lauraaaaa, that is such a gorgeous pic of Matilda. 
    Chelle83, so wise doing one big birthday party! 
    Kyriex3, how was Harry's party? And how is your partners health at the moment? 

    Please don't forget to PM me your full name and address for the toddler gift. 
    Today, we're also talking about Dan Osborne's new tattoo of his kids on his thigh - It had us wondering, do you or your partner have any tattoos about your kids? If so, please do come and tell us about them here. 

  • Well our cake smash was a nightmare At first. Unfortunately Lucas popped a balloon which didn’t particularly scare him, however my mum screamed at the balloon popping which made Lucas cry. For a solid half hour after he was clingy and crying. We were just about to call it a day when I managed to get him off my knee on to the floor for a few snaps. Still awaiting some pics to be sent so will definitely share one with you when I get them :-)

  • Haha yes even though most of it ends on the floor! This is the only way I can make sure she eats she has to do it herself now 🤣 she now is being fussy with her veg 😣 she used to love them even given as finger foods. Not sure if this is a phase or this is her now. Has anyone else found this too? Argh nearly one I can' believe it. She is no where near to walking though. 

  • Can’t believe my babies 1 now .. it’s gone far too quickly x 

  • Hi well my partner has to wait for his next scan really in march before I can say much last time he was told he still had cancer because he had the wrong kind of scan they couldn't tell how much was cancer and how much was none cancerous lumps consultant seemed unsure if he would ever be cancer free. And well the birthday party was more of a sleep over in the living room with my eldest having chicken pox, Harry was so sick Saturday night and my middle was feeling sick but not being sick, he also has chicken pox now😴😴. me being so ill and my partner was ok but now has flu. So Saturday we told their nan that chicken pox was doing its rounds to which their grandad pipes up "I haven't actually had chicken pox" oh for f*** sake was my reaction in my head and I just smiled and said that's ok don't worry about it lol so Sunday Harry opened his pressies with brothers then spent the afternoon crying and being carried everywhere before he finally conked out 20 mins before his nan turned up lol so she spent a some time with the other boys and Harry woke up and just wanted cuddles with nanny and wasn't even interested in his birthday  cake 😔. He felt better Monday so had some then. 

    He has 5 teeth and his top front 3 teeth look like bugs bunnys teeth he's struggling big time with his teeth which is making him so clingy and tired 

    This is him right now falling asleep sat up with his favourite silicon spoon 😴 poorly little boy image 

    Happy 1st birthday to rose xx

  • AngWass2, i've spotted SO many cake smash shoots on the forum, and I swear, most mums say exactly the same as you, and that the babies really don't go for it! 

    MUM2TB, just keep offering the veggies - and if she's anything like my kids, you'll just keep chucking the veggies away 😂😂😂

    Hi Lrgfamily and welcome! Tell us about your kids. 

    Kyriex, sending you massive hugs - what a time you have been having - chicken pox is so upsetting - and remember, don't give Ibuprofen with the pox, just paracetemol. Love Harry adores a spoon! 

  • Hi , my names laura , I have 2 children Levi who had just turnt 1 and Leila who is 3 ... we are called the lrg family because all our our initials are LRG . 

  • image

    As promised....a picture of my gorgeous boy from his cake smash x

  • Thank you Danielle it’s hard to get a picture of Matilda she’s always too busy to smile for a photo!

    Happy Birthday Rose!!!

    Glad Harry managed to open his presents and have some birthday cake Kyrie. Nothing goes as planned with babies and toddlers.

    Angwass what a lovely picture Lucas looks so cute :)

    Hi Laura welcome to the group I love that all your initials are the same. Did Levi enjoy his birthday? 

  • Hiya , yes she really enjoyed her birthday bless her , we didn’t do much just a little tea party at home like we did for Leilas 1st birthday .. 

  • Sounds fun I bet she loved it. I can’t wait to see what Matilda is like on her birthday she loves balloons but I get so scared they will burst! 

  • Thank you for roses birthday wishes! 

    Rose prefers her balloons to her gifts haha I'm so scared of them popping too Laura! 

    You would think it was my birthday today I was too excited and she had a lie in too!typical image

  • Lol a few balloons popped at Levi’s party & my sister Hate it when they pop but none of the kids took notice they all laughed 😂😂

  • Awww look at Rose all grown up :) i like the ball pool is that one of her birthday presents? 

    Haha they have no fear bless them!

  • MUM2TB, I always found with my kids, they loved the boxes that their toys came in more than the toys too! So much fun to be had with a cardboard box! 

    Also, guys, see below...
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