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2 and a half year terrible sleeper!!

Hi guys just need some advise, my daughter is 2 and half years old 3 in July and since she was born (6 week preemie) she has never been the best of sleepers she started on occasion to sleep through the night when she was about 18 months -24 months she seemed to go through a good patch maybe 2 weeks of strait sleeping through then regressed back where she would wake up all the time every night again!

Now we have a 5 month old aswel and expected the usual reaction off her to auch a drastic change from being an only child to suddenly having a new baby..she handled it beautifully and after about 2 months was very used to him and he didn't bother at all, but the nights still remain the same!

She goes to sleep fine when going to bed but can wake at silly times 3:00 am sometimes earlier and WILL NOT go back to sleep! Luckily enough my son sleeps through but however he is a bad stirred and will squirm all night sometimes !

She woke up tonight at 11:10pm It's is now 2:00am and she is still awake I have tried the whole suppernanny trick of putting her back in bed, milk, no loud speaking , No lights, comfort teddy and still nothing and because of her kicking off she's disturbed her brother who is now tossing and turning literally every 10 seconds!

My husband works nights which he is on tonight and was last night I am literally at my whits end and feel like I'm going to crack! I wouldn't mind if it was a scary dream or anything like that but it's not she's just awake for awake sake and less to say it's driving me up the wall! I'm so utterly sick of this lack of sleep and sometimes because I'm so tired I get these horrible thoughts like what the hell was I actually thinking having kids!

It's awful sometimes ! If it's not one it's the other! I'm sat here now not slept for 5 nights and I've had enough! I don't know what to do I honestly can't be doing with this anymore! My husband just doesn't get what it's like to do this on my own while he's on nights ! He just gets abit arsey as if to say I've just done a night shift but the difference is is he goes to bed all bloody day I don't!!! I'm up with the kids!

Now I'm not saying for one second my husband does t pull his weight he does in fact he's brilliant but sometimes I wish he would change bloody jobs ! I hate it I really do! My life no consist of me looking like utter utter crap all the time, people asking me if I'm ill all the time  and walking around like a zombie I have Terrible black rings around my eyes and bags under my eyes!! As you can tell I'm at breaking point I really am!


  • Not one comment back..Thanks a lot! 

  • Hi sh3 I find this site doesn’t give you reply’s back which is ridiculous 🙄

    have you spoken to your hv? Does your 3 year old nap during the day if she does maybe cut that nap out

    my son is a terrible sleeper as well wakes up number of times in the night and sometimes find myself down stairs at 3am with him. We’re also due a new baby in September my son is nearly 15 months old xx

  • Sh3 oh My god I completely understand my daughters 4 next month and has always been a really good sleeper until about 3 months ago! She’s always had the same routine and goes to bed at 7.30pm she’ll have a few stories and is normally asleep by 8pm except now it’s more like 10pm, 2 hours of constant crying, if her dad puts her to bed when he leaves the room she asks for him to get me and when I put her to bed she asks me to get him when I leave, and if we don’t go she just cries and screams but when we go in there she just messes around by pulling faces which Like you makes us frustrated as it’s not as if she’s scared she just sees it as play time! If we don’t come in she claims her tummy hurts or that she feels sick 🙄 when really there’s nothing wrong with her whatsoever, she’s also been dry at night for a while but the last week she’s been refusing to go to the toilet before bed so we’ve been waking her up about 11pm and taking her to the toilet when she normally does go but then she’ll Wake up a few hours later crying because she’s wet the bed i Then have to change her and her bed which by the time that’s done she’s wide awake! And then like this morning she was up at 4.30am to start the day!! She doesn’t nap during the day and hasn’t done since she was 18 months! So how is she not exhausted?!?!?! She still has the same amount of energy she’s not acting tired at all? I could handle it before but now she’s wetting the bed as well it’s another time that she’s up throughout the night and to top it off I’m heavily pregnant at 40 weeks and 4 days! She’s also now decided she doesn’t want her dad to do anything for her, she won’t even let him brush her teeth which has never been a problem with her before! I literally have to do everything, all she’ll let him do Is read her stories and play with her which is great but doesn’t give me any time to relax as I’ll be busy with housework or making dinner so is Just  results in us arguing and it’s making all 3 of us miserable because all we seem to do is moan at each other all the time! She used to be such a daddy’s girl, I remember a time where I’d be crying because she favoured him but it was never like this she always let me do things for her! And now she’s like attached to my hip 😂 I’m just hoping everything will sort itself out! 

  • Hi sh3, we just wanted to pop on this thread to say sorry it took a while for posters to respond. Sometimes people don’t reply because they feel they have to come up with the ‘right’ answer and they’re not sure what that is themselves.

    Obviously, we’d love it if people just posted anyway, even if it’s to say something like, “I don’t know what to say but wish you all the best” – but that doesn’t always happen. But please don’t think no replies means people are deliberately ignoring you; they’re just not quite sure what to say.

    How is the sleeping going at the moment? 

  • Hi guys..thanks for your reply..I know people can't always reply that second messege was sent through very tired eyes and sheer exhaustion but thank you for your lovely comment :) things are still pretty much the same my little girl who's now 3 isn't as bad anymore but she has the odd few days in a row where she will wake at like 10 and not go off till about 3 in the morning which has been a nightmare! My son is now 10 month and just stirs all night ! It drives me crazy and recently he's been a nightmare to get to sleep :( they always wake up around 4-6 the two of them every day which is is exhausting for the 2 of us, I've also began to accept that I have slight postnatal depression ( not terrible) but it's there and has been since my son was born and I struggled to admit the fact that I wasn't coping all that well and in all honesty guys it's tearing me apart that I as a mother am not coping I feel weak and some times like I don't deserve these beautiful little babies😭😭  some days I'm barely keeping it together and then other days I'm ok it's like a roller coaster ride up and down all the time..I know it will get easier someday and one day I will look back and remember how we got through son only wants me all the time which I love but at the same time hate Aswel because I can't move without him screaming for me 😓 my little girl doesn't have a sleep anymore through the day we stopped that when she was about 2 because the bedtime was a nightmare, with my little girl she could go to bed at 10 and still wake up around 4 😑😑 she starts school In September and my little man will have some days at nursery as I start a new job in September in a school so I'm hoping that will tire them both out and give me a little break from the house the constant weight baring of them when my husband is in work. It's so hard to cope isn't it when your pregnant instructed terribly when I was pregnant! Have you had baby now? I hope it gets easier for us all 😘 xxx

  • Sh3 my 15month old is the same and I could break down everyday he refuses to go to bed will cry for ages he eventually goes over then up again in the night and wants to start the day at 4.30am I’m due another baby in 6 weeks and i am dreading it. and because he gets up too early he’s awful all day everyday constant crying and whinging I’m hoping it gets better he’s never been a great sleeper 

    congrats on new job the break will do you all some good xxxx

  • AAw I know it's so hard Aswel when you're pregnant dealing with an older one isn't it! That's it Aswel isn't it the early starts and then they get really cranky around 3 0clock toll bed time! Mine are usually in bed by half 6-7 as they are both usually falling down with the tiredness by then which is good in a way but it's like trial and error with the two of them once their actually in soon sleeps on his front Aswel he always has except when he was new born and we swaddled him but he hated that and we ended up having to sleep with him on our tummys loaded with cusions at the sides of us incase of us rolling but he got to big tried him on his back and he would just wake up all the time tried him again on his front and he settled but now he van roll and if he rolls onto his back he wakes himself up kicking his legs up and down crying then we have to put him back on his front..It's a never ending cycle atm 😶😓 the early starts are horrible everyday! 

    Thank you hun I can't wait tbh I think it will do us all some good..It's term time Aswel so I'll always be off with the kids so it lessens the guilt of putting him into nursery lol 😉 hope your doing ok in this heat with being pregnant I feel for you! And I hope it starts to get a little easier for you with the bedtime and early mornings xxx

  • Hiya just wondering how's things are for everyone. Any improvements now a few months has passed. I have an 18 month old always been a terrible sleeper and ended up having to co sleep becuase i feel like the alternative would have resulted in actual insanity!!! Anyway we really want to try for our 2nd. A lot of people say dd1 will improve but the thought of ut getting worse and a newborn is unbareable. Howver i also feel like i coukd be waiting for years an years for her sleep to improve and dont want to wait that long for no2 as probably would not have another if there was a huge age gap

  • Hey, wow sorry just came across this reply! How is everyone doing? My son is 2 now and my daughter 4 it's been one hell of a ride this past year. The nights are still awful but not because the kids won t sleep, my daughter has literally had a chronic cough for the past year, she been in and out of hospital and they've said it's dust mite allergies..we now have to sleep down stairs most nights with her to avoid waking up my son. It's awful truely awful.  She copes well with it because after she coughs she's strait off to sleep we of course arnt. So for the past year we've hardly slept. We don't sleep next to each other which the whole thing has put a huge strain on our marriage. We've also had the teething and my son is in the terrible 2 phase. It's ridiculous and constant and never stops. Never get a break from it atall. My job is hanging on by a thread Aswel. I'm so beyond fed up it's unreal. 
  • @SP4 I can’t actually imagine what you’re going through. Poor daughter having a chronic cough. I know my 2 year old has croup recently for a few days and I stayed in his bedroom on the floor to help with his coughing fits, and couldn’t sleep a wink so I can empathise. But can’t even imagine doing it for a whole year. Plus the strain on your relationship must be hard too. I hope you get some answers from the doctors but seems like they’re saying it’s just dust mite allergies? If your gut is telling you it’s something more, you are entitled to a second opinion. 
  • Hi, just seen your reply, thank you for your lovely words...yes it was a shocker last little girl still has the cough but I wasn't happy with the outcome of the dust mite allergy answer, she was constantly rushed to hospital with her cough and gasping for air, they are now down the route its uncontrolled asthma shes on medication and inhalers but its not made much of a difference i spoke to the pediatrics and said I'm not happy that she's had this cough for almost 2 years and still were getting fobbed off with it could be this it could be that so now she's being referred to the respiratory clinic at the hospital to look into it now properly...why its taken so long is beyond me..  it has calmed down from what it was though but its just awful to watch her struggle and not being able to take it away for her..i wish all the time it was me who had it and not her because its so horrible for her. She is so strong and brave and just takes it in her stride and carries on! Hope your doing OK xxx
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