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Hi all,

My DD is 15 months old. I’m a bit concerned about whether she’s on track with her talking. She talks her own little baby language but not all the time. Other kids seem to be more vocal and louder than her and chatting away when out. She’s the quiet one. She does her talking at home mainly. She will say hiya, yeh, mamama, dadada, baba, rarara, etc. But not in context. Like she wouldn’t point at me and go mama. She won’t copy what I say. Nursery are trying to make her say noises like brrum brrum. 

What are your experiences with this? Does she sound on track or should she be doing more at this age?

Thanks Xx


  • Hi BroodyBlonde,

    Some toddlers (about 10%-20%) start talking later than expected for their age, but most of them catch up with their same age peers in the next months or years. How is her vocabulary comprehension? Does she have siblings? is more than one language spoken at home? I’m a former speech therapist (currently a researcher) so I can help you here :)

  • Oh great! A SALT is just who I need to speak to 😊. Thanks for responding. I think she does undersrand  lots of things. Like have a drink, go to the table and get a tissue and wipe ur nose! Yes and no. Come here.

    No siblings. And we only speak the one language at home.

    Reassurance and advice much appreciated! Xxx

  • Hi BroodyBlonde

    That's fantastic! You can check your child's vocabulary understanding using a vocabulary checklist. There is one from Oxford University that gives you the words that are typical in children's vocabularies it doesn't tell you what is normal or not at a certain age, it just gives you a summary of the words that your child says and/or understand after filling it out. At 15 months, a (British) child can understand an average of 100 words, although this number can vary as it has not been calculated from a normative sample.

    I asked you about possible siblings and languages spoken at home as they are known to be related to the initial language delay that some children experience.

    You can send me a PM if you need further information or (free) advice xx

  • Sorry about the massive delay Eva, I didn’t get the email alert to say you replied. Thanks so much for all the info,that’s really helpful and I’ll check out the link. My daughter definitely understands quite a bit I think, didn’t realise it was as many as 100 words though! She has a own baby language and says about 5 things in context. These are... yeah, no, hiya, bye bye and peep bo! Xxx

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