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Toddler doesn't talk

My two year old daughter doesn't talk and she doesn't even listen when I try to read her a book or try to teach her something. Her healthvisitor says I should give it a few more months if she still doesn't talk we should consult with a speech therapist. I am so worried but my husband thinks I am just obsessing over it she will talk in her own time I don't know what to do?


  • Pefectly normal, just a slow developer by the sound of it keep doing what your doing, reading/ teaching. And see how it goes, my 3 year old cousion only just  formining words.. yet alone sentences! He is now 4 and its still a shock to hear a sentence..but doctors have confrimed hes fine just a slow learner :)

  • Thankyou so much for relpying ☺ I know I shouldn't worry too much it's just all of her cousins use to talk at her age even her cousins younger then her talks more than her and I am always googling it why she doesn't talk nothing good ever comes out of it but I found this forum and I am happy about that I have been reading a lot of threads this is not that unusual 

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