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Sleeping - 1 year old waking the same time every night!

Hi Everyone

Need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!my little boy is 1 year old and he's got into a habit of waking up the same time every night at 12am,he has been doing this for months.

We've have tried the obvious like nappy changes,feeds,too hot/cold,having shorter naps/no naps in the day,cuddling him and self soothing,but the self soothing could be about an hour maybe more.he sometimes is teething so we do give him Calpol,anbesol and cuddles.the last resort has that he has been in our bed,which we do try to prevent.

We have also tried taking the bars of his cot as he kept pulling on them,swapping his cot bed around the room.

Just seriously need some advice about breaking this and my hubby are getting really tired over it(My hubby works silly hours aswell)

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you xximage

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