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  • The job advert only closed on Friday so I don't think I'll hear for a while, NHS jobs says allow up to 6 weeks after closing date. It's a long shot, but no harm trying.

    I'm in Lanarkshire, just outside Glasgow and it's not as expensive as Aberdeen but house prices etc here and increasing rapidly and private rent is a joke! I'm back on council waiting list and still staying at mums until I find a house I like. But to afford what we like/need (buying wise) I will definitely need to go full time at work.

    Hope conception is quick this time for you then Navi lol! 

    Natalie x

  • Talking about you all still get little ghosting "kicks" or do I need to be going to Boots in my lunch hour for a test? Lol 

  • Can't say that I do Blue! Although I get a twinge when I'm ovulating? Hahaha...

  • Hmmm, trying not to overthink that I'm 2 days late as well lol it was really weird the other night because I layed down and felt like bubbles which is how it was when I was pregnant before. There's no way I could be that far along to feel kicks anyway as everything has been regular as clockwork up until this month. Maybe I'll just check to be sure lol

  • Neither do i blue...dont even know if im ovulating cos we are still breastfeeding image

  • Did you test Blue? x

  • I did lol it came back as Negative but still no sign of Aunt Flo. I keep getting lots of twitches around my belly though, it's all very weird. 

  • That's strange Blue..the twinges.

    Maybe try another test in a couple of days if no period. 

    Also how did you feel for the negative? Disappointed or relieved?? 

    Still amazing weather up here, too bad we all are at work!!

    Navi xx

  • Somewhere in between, really. We want another but it wouldnt be best timed right now. The thought of another year "off" was appealing, however...

    It's really nice here too, I finish at 3:30 so get a bit of the summer evenings. By that I mean about 2 hours of it when Harper is in bed and I get to see it from the window lol

  • Ah, least if its not best timing just now it was a good thing? But don't rule it out yet maybe.. lol.

    I had a next VIP slot last night so got most of the girls holiday bits and bobs for Spain and some stuff for myself! I have ended up using most of their stuff due to having the nice weather so had to restock the cases lol. The rest will be from the beloved primark! I tend to bin the girls stuff after holiday thanks to suncream stains. So the cheaper the better lol!

  • Aww Natalie, how did you get that VIP thing??

    Was looking for it yesterday. I buy tons of things from next and just realised that there is such thing. Hope there is something left for me cos i have only maybe half of the summer stuff that Stephen is gonna need in Greece. Also flying next week but as a genuine Greek girl i have nothing ready lol!!! 

  • I have a credit account and got an email, if you google next vip and click the link it should let you sign in and will tell you if you can get a slot. There was loads of slots left when I went on last night. I spent well over £300 oops... I didn't even look at the boys but still was plenty girls stuff left. I got most of what I wanted in their sizes, it starts in store on Saturday too. 


  • It's not that it would be a big problem, I just want to be able to not struggle for a while, cash and time wise. We're back to sleeping through again (most nights) and feeding is going really well all of a sudden. 

    Our dog had an operation his ear last week and is driving me crazy. He has the cone of shame on and keeps catching the back of everyone's legs (we're in shorts). He also keeps trying to kiss Harper which knocks her over (still not walking!) 

    I feel like I need another holiday. It's my Birthday on the 25th but looks like I'll probably be working as I've got the following week off. I fancy going somewhere in the UK but just can't seem to get it together lol

    We took the Aldi Lacura factor 50, washed out like a treat and worked really well, she's slightly tanned too bless her! 

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  • Hi ladies!

    How's everyone doing and how are your little ones coping with the heat?

    Živa started walking last week and it's somewhat terrifying lol 😂 


  • Navy did you sort a slot or make the sale? I had a cheek to visit the shop today after doing it online but I only bought myself a dress for £10 😂 primark was empty summer close wise, couldn’t get the girls much at all! M&S had a good sale though. So hope you get what you need! 

    blue I have aldi, Tesco own, Wilko own and Nivea. Both my girls came out in a rash with Nivea so it got tossed! I seem to like the wilko spray one and that’s washed out good so far 🤞🏼 Did you get somewhere booked? 

    Aww well done Ziva. It’s hard to remember when Lucie didn’t walk, but it’s defo scary for first few weeks! Wait til she started running lol...


  • Natalie, i went today and I manage to get a couple of things. Going tommorrow again. Hope i finish cos i have no much time!

    Well done Ziva!! it's amazing when the start walking!!

    Stephen is completely off food and I'm going mad!!!! I think he is teething.

  • Natalie I used the Nivea spray on stuff and got burnt to a crisp. It was awful stuff and even though I lathered it on, you could still see where It had sprayed out. Never again, I was as good wearing none with that stuff. Ive just had my "sun holidays" reminder through with my VIP code so I might take a look at that.

    Still no AF, 2 negative tests now, wtf is going on? :-/

    Harper has fangs now, I don't think she can have that many left to cut! Still no "walking", lots of steps and she is cruising around on everything! We have one of those tub chairs that spin around in our lounge, she pushed it the whole way around earlier to get around quicker, wish she would just let go and walk!!

  • Georgia is cruising alot walking with walker and now just standing alone for couple seconds kinda just can't wait for her to walk now. Still only the four teeth 1 molar seems to be taking forever to come through little bit has just a corner 

  • Hi ladies

    Hope everyone is well. Sorry havent been on for ages. pregnancy making me feel absolute pants, again. By my calculations I'm 11+1 and have my first scan next Wednesday; still not really got my head round it and hoping I start feeling better soon, but if I go off my other pregnancies I doubt it. 

    Jacob is running everywhere and he's just so comical. Love the bond he has with my three eldest ones, he misses them when they're at school. 

    The heat is just about finishing me off Haha, been lovely though to hear the little ones loving being outside all the time. 

    Good luck with the job Natalie and hope you're all ok after all thats happebed xx

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