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  • Hey Nay, have you taken another test yet? Congrats. 

    Sorry to hear you didn't get the job Natalie. 

    Hope Stephen is ok now and you get to enjoy the rest of your time in Greece, I love Greece.

    Im now 13+1 and had my scan on Wednesday, due 26/01/19. Sickness has hit with full on vengeance, on the plus side, hubby has agreed to make an appointment with the gp for the snip, so that's made me slightly happier haha. 

    Hope all mummies and babies are doing good. X

  • HEy ladies

    Navi I hope  stephens feeling better and then you get to enjoy the rest of your hoilday.

    sonnyrox yeah I did still in shock really wasent planned and OH not to happy about it. and your speeding through already have you had you scan yet what baby does this make it for you ?

    my little boy started walking at just under 11 months I think he must of learnt it from husband bug sister he's just started runnng even though he looks really funny doing it lol. 

  • No denying that positive nay 😬 hopefully your husband comes round! It seems to be catching in this group... I’m staying away from my OH 😂

  • I know I feel abit crazy knowing how much it's going to change thingo. The OH wanted atleast till LO is 4 so few years early I'll defo be going grey early lol 😂 I hope he comes around he's been pretty clear he's not happy about it. I was like you saying defo noore yet and then it happened x

  • Nay big congrats. when I found out, it was the other way round, the oh was over the moon & im only just coming round to it. 

    Yes had scan last Wednesda, this makes baby 5, eldest is 7!

    Im sure he will come round soon, how far do you think you are?

    Haha Natalie, I would definitely stay away if I was you. image


  • Well I better stay away then lol. We not having another yes Georgia will be only child but she has cousins and after what went through nope it could been genetic so could happen again. Plus I'm 38 now risks increase with age and couldn't afford another. We so lucky to have her some people not so lucky and we will give her everything we can

  • Sonnyrox ahh congrats scan pictures always make me smile :) the other half is just worried about my health mainly and just because this will be 3 under 4  panicking abit about that but think it's will be worth all the sleepless nights when they will always have each other as they  grow grow up how's did you find going from 2 -3 ? Ah wow 5 what sexes are they ? I currently got one of each. I must admit I love the idea of big family's 

  • And think I'll be 6 weeks Wednesday so still very early days x

  • I found out when I was 3 weeks and only got in touch with the midwife when I was 10 weeks. I have to admit I do not do pregnancy well, I get so ill. When I had my third I had 3 children aged 2 & under and to be fair I think going from 2 to 3 is not as big a shock as going from 1 to 2. Just keep doing what you're doing and you will be fine. 

    I have 2 girls and 2 boys and it goes girl, boy, girl, boy haha. 

    Keep me posted Hun xxx

  • Congrats girls for your pregnancies!!! Feeling so jealous, want another asap and partner agreed to start trying after thr summer. So exciting!

    Thank you all, Stephen is doing much better but he needs to put on weight as he dropped the centiles dramatically.

    Navi xx

  • Ok, only slightly jealous about new babies to be 😜

    Random question, but do any of you use a baby carrier for a break from the pushchair? We have next week off and wanted to get out and about with the dog as well so pushchair isn't practical about woods etc. If so, what have you got? 

  • Blue I got the babyjborn carrier also has the strap around waste for extra support. I love myself carrier so much better now my LO can go on the back rather than the front. So much eaiser and more comfy  to carry on the back my lo loves it to on the back looking around tends to fall asleep alot in it too.

  • Hey everyone, hows things? Is anyone have massive sleep regression again? I feel like Lucie sleeps good for a week then bad for months. I'm exhausted. She more or less only sleeps til about 2 then wakes and takes ages to settle then is up at 6.30 sharp. Soo tired lol! x

  • Hi all, nope, no sleep regression here (thankfully), only on my part last night because it was her first night in her own room! She slept right through from 8pm until 6:30 when she woke up shouting for her Daddy. Does everyone elsese other half have a natural ability to sleep through everything? 

    She started taking lots of steps now! She's perfectly capable of walking and ran away from me at nursery the other day so I think she will be up and about properly over the next few weeks 😥

  • Yes my partner sleeps/snores through all her periods of awake yet every morning tells me how bad a sleep he had... *rolls eyes*

    Aw well done Harper, not be long! xx

  • Ok I cave... how do I make this girl sleeeeeep imageimage Lucie has never been a good sleeper but last night she was away from 1am-5am.. I am dead on my feet.

    I have an interview on Thu, again promotion but not only is it full time it involves 10 hr shifts 4 days per week, plus travelling and a lot of studying in my own time. I am unsure if its worth it but I know I definitely need the full time hours now if we ever want to move out my mums before Christmas!

    Holiday buggy, what did you all use? I have been looking at the miinimo 2 but the thing that puts me off is the hood. Doesn't look long enough. I want a city jogger lite but I don't want to the pay the money for one to et bashed on an aeroplane lol.

    Hope your all well x

  • YES here too lol either the sleep regression my little one is waking up for a night feed again :( not great yoming considering I'm feeling rubbish in this pregnacy. I said to the oh it's time to put him in his own room I'm hoping that will help.

    im wanting to buy a compact buggy now lo is looking passive in travel system. I like the look of the cosatto woosh  as weight is up to 25kg for child too so would get the use out of it but the price tag also puts me off considering im probs going to have to get a double not to sure yet 

  • I love my cosatto travel system and did look at the cossato yo2 but again felt it was too expensive for what I needed on holiday. I might just go for the silvercross one but I prefer a full handle bar not two hand grips lol. Fussy I know.... 

  • Hi all, sorry we've been quite, we've been off all week so have been out and about everywhere! Back to work tomorrow though *groan* 

    Sleep - nope, no sleep regression here thankfully. Just a bit unsettled in the evenings around 10pm but it's been 27 in her room most nights so we've put her a fan in there which has only bought it down to 23. 

    Pushchair- we bought the silver cross zest as the pushchair "for holiday" but we used it before and are still using it now as our main pushchair. The basket space isn't great, the buckle to fasten her in is awful and the strap at the bottom (between her legs) is the worst thing about it, it doesn't adjust smaller, only bigger, so she is constantly slouching down in it. It is light, folds down great, lays flat and has a good hood on it. Its good of your just in and out of the car but it's not a great all rounder. 

    Harper has exploded with speech this week. I haventh got a clue about half of what she is saying but it's full sentances, varied pitched, volume and will not shut up for 5 minutes lol she is in to everything and is able to pull to standing. However, she spends most of her time sat on the floor crying and pointing ate to pull her up to standing. She's still not quite wandering off yet, but can walk unassisted from one sofa to another and clean across a room if SHE feels like it, not when we want her too. Little madam. 

    She loved the Shetland ponies she saw while we were out last week! image

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