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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our May 2017 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in May 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you!





  • It popped up on my phone saying ‘Lucie is 1 in 2 weeks’ then got the email for this. What s quick year 😭😭 xxx

  • Stephen already turned 1!! I was initially due in early May and i signed up here. My due date changed but i had already start knowing the lovely ladies in here so i stayed!!

    What an amazing year we all had!!!

  • Hello everyone hope all are ok. Crazy to think that our baby's are 1 this month ! How time flys by ! My little one is walking now since 11 months and is so cheeky. X

  • Aww thank you Danielle. Can't believe Jacob is one on Monday. 

    He had his first haircut on Saturday and changed from baby to little boy in the space of an hour. 

    Jacob is walking and has 6 teeth and cutting another two. He's currently full of a cold again, not surprised as my four year old has one at the moment too. 

    Hope everyone is well. 


    These are Jacobs before and after haircut pics. 

    Sonia xx

  • Aw his haircut did make him so grown up! So cute! 

    Lucie is running everywhere and chatting quite a bit. Teething but still only 2 teeth 😂😂 we upgraded to a big girl carseat today. Not the one I wanted but it will do until I can spare the cash for the other one, just getting back to work and we are paying out holiday so dont Want to be spending £250 on a car seat just now! This one will become grans as she provides my childcare.

    Just saying toddler makes me want another but we have agreed no more ☹️ 


  • Well my Georgia is already 1 was on april 5th but was actually due May 6th and had fab day. She crawling everywhere trying to climb over things and just starting to try and pull herself up into standing. Naps well all over the place I just go with the flow and try and get her to nap when shes tired. May try a mid day one soon as hubby went to one nap early

  • Aww look at her cheeky smile. 

    Jacob only had one tooth for ages then the other 5 came all at once.

    I know that feeling, I'm craving the newborn stage again, but said no more, that feeling was made worse after my miscarriage in January. 

    Its kind of sad they're all turning one, soon be two years since we all got together. 

    Where you going on holiday, I still need to decide where  to go. 


  • Lol she is sooo cheeky! She’s got such a naughty personality she makes us laugh. 

    We are just going to mainland Spain, torremolinos. Short flight and plenty for kids so it’ll be ideal for a first holiday as 4. I fancied tenerife but the flight was longer and generally around £1000 more expensive for same dates 🙈

    Hoping Lucie is the same with her teeth, she’s had a red set of cheeks for weeks and no sign of anything! 

    how is georgia after her infection? Hopefully better now xx

  • Haha, must be May babies, Jacob is a lunatic, he makes us laugh so much.

    Aww I'm sure you'll have a fab time. 

    Jacob was the same, bright red cheeks and bum went sore f weeks, then all of a sudden out popped 5. 


  • Afternoon all, 

    I wish I could say I had a toddler! Right now I still have a semi-shuffler with 13 teeth. She is practicing a new sound this week "legul legul legul" over and over 😂

    She can walk perfectly fine when pushing her bricks around in the push along walker, also when you hold her arms up above her head, she just will not let go!! The second I stand her up against the sofa and put my arms up and encourage her, she lunges forward and I have to catch her. 

    She really needs a haircut but I want it to keep growing if you know what I mean? 

    This is the little madam herself. imageTwo weeks to go! I think we will probably just had family round, we've bought her a little push along/ride on c from Argos. 

  • Dammit, new phone. We've bought her a little push along CAR. 

  • Yep Georgia

    Is back to her normal.sf now after that v irus and infection

  • I’ve bought Lucie a little wooden push along. It’s a cross between a trolley and a pram. She loves collecting things and tidying them up into boxes etc lol. She also plays with Millie’s pram and doll so gonna get her a soft rag doll to prevent injury lol! 

    we are just having a family day too. It’s my nieces 5th bday party the weekend bedore her birthday so we will see everyone then too. Saves me money 🤣 xx

  • Sonyroz I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage..

    We want another and decided with partner to wait until the summer and start trying again. 

    Stephen is still a nightmare, struggling at night. No sleep and so unsettled. He's walking and has many teeth, can't count them. But says only 1-2 words.

    Tommorrow we have the mmr vaccine! Let's see how this is gonna go!!

  • Happy birthday to all the babies or i should say toddlers... congratulations to all the mums, we made it through the sleepless nights and the rest! 

    Elodie turns one tomorrow. As it will be beautiful weather we are going to have a little gathering at a lake with a man made beach, playground and cafe. I'm quite excited to try out her birthday present, her not me :) We've bought her a 3 in 1 tiger tricycle, it's great, there are different parts you can add or take away so it's suitable from age 1 to 4. 

    Hope everyone has a lovely day whatever they do. 

    Hannah xxx

  • Georgia would have been 1 today if she hadn't been premature. Pulling up on furniture now not quite getting all the way up though bless her. Happy birthday this month to all those cuties that are 1 this month

  • Hi everyone! Happy belated birthday to the already one year olds 🎂

    Toddlers already eh? Seems mad! Živa is one a week from Thursday and we'll be abroad so not sure what we're doing but probably going to the zoo as she seems to loves animals and birds. Nine teeth still but more coming through and she can stand alone but not take steps just yet. 

    This sunny weather is crazy. I've stocked up on baby suncream. Five star UVA rating as well as number 50 for uvb protection. Got a sun/beachsuit too and we're going swimming next week for the first time. So exciting!

    Picture of živa being a duck at Moo Music last week... She hates hats lol.


  • image image image

    Well sun in Scotland is a rarity so here we are enjoying some time in the garden. Lucie seemed very confused by the grass lol! 

    I am working tomorrow so no bank holiday fun for me but my parents are gonna do something with the girls tomorrow.

    lucie is teething something awful, her face is so red and she has come out in a rash over her chest area. Hoping for some teeth soon 🤞🏼

    what sun lotion did pick for živa? I’ve always used Aldi factor 50+ for Millie and had no issues but always worry I’m missing out on a better one. I heard he child farm one is really good.

    hope your all having a lovely bank holiday weekend xx

  • No bank holiday for me either..

    Lovely weather here in Scotland, we really enjoyed the sun!! Stephen is unstoppable now, walking all day long. Really hope he's exhausted and sleeps better from now on.

    I'm curious about a sunscreen as well. I definately need an +50.

  • Thanks Navi. 

    Happy belated birthdays to all who have celebrated already. I think I'm all ready for Jacob's birthday tomorro, as much as I dont want it to happen. We are off to the seaside tomorrow so hope it stays nice. 

    Jacob has cut another tooth today which popped out of nowhere Haha.

    He loves the grass, when he first went on it he was mesmerised by it and just laughed at it. 

    Hope you've all enjoyed the nice weather. Take care xxx

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