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Is too much weetabix a problem?

Hi everyone.

My lo really struggles to poo, hes 18 months old and has struggled since he was born. Just lately its like it's causing him pain as he really cries when hes going, also he will try and hold it in for as long as he can (i think the pain has made him to scared to even try) however seeing him in so much pain is heartbreaking.

My partner seems to think its down to him having to much weetabix and porridge (fibre) in his diet, he usualy has a bowl of weetabix or porridge in the morning, then lunch with snacks in between, he never eats tea as he has never wanted it so i try to give him weetabix or porridge an hour before bed just so i know he's had something.  Am i doing this wrong? I've tried giving him more different foods and feeding him at different times but everytime i end up with his dinner down me as hes never been a big eater or lover of food.

And also does anyone know if there's any truth to having to much fibre ? Last night i made him have tea with us instead of his porridge (meatballs and pasta) and he had a couple of mouthfulls but that was it, i then gave him his night time bottle of milk, so he didnt eat much before bed. This morning i haven't given him weetabix i made him toast but just like everything else he had a nibble and the rest got thrown around the room image so he hasn't eaten properly. Really dont know what else to do or try! 

Any advice would be hugely appreciated x


  • It is true that too much fiber can cause constipation if he is not drinking enough clear fluids the counteract that effect. I’m not sure what the suggested daily amount is but I would say it wouldn’t hurt to cut it down to 1 bowl of weetabix a day instead of 2.

    there Are other tricks you could try too... for example when my little guy was younger he had anemia so had to take iron supplements... which had to be taken with food but not milk. he Loves oatmeal but I then couldn’t make it up with milk... so I tried just water and that was gross... so then what I did was blend up fruits and add that plus Water to make the oatmeal... sometimes we would do banana, sometimes peach or strawberry and sometimes I would use straight prune juice. It worked a great and he loved the taste. You could also Just offer him straight prune juice or pineapple juice (100%} to drink as both of those are good natural ways to keep little ones regular. Also we do fruit smoothies most days that I make up at home with 6 or 7 different fruits (fresh and frozen) with a bit of orange juice to thin it out. This helps ensure they get their 5 a day plus help with pooping... and it tastes like a yummy treat! ☺️

    I would say persevere with offering the same foods you eat too... he’s not used to eating them & is used to getting his own way a little bit so it might take some time... but rest assured, if he was hungry he would eat it! Plus you are giving him his bedtime milk still so it’s not like he’s going to bed on an empty tummy. 

    Good luck! ☺️

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