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How to deal with night feeds when switching to cow's milk

Hi ladies, I've just switched my son over to cow's milk, he seems to like it but I was wondering how to deal with night feeds if he wakes up for one? What do you lovely ladies to when your child wakes up and what do you give them? 


  • I'm guessing your son it 1? If so, and if i remember rightly, night feeds should try and be phased out by now, so i'd just offer water. He should be getting enough food and milk during the day by 1, if he is 1. x

  • His birthday is tomorrow 😊 tried him with cow's milk and he likes it and he has food through the day but I was just wondering how to stop the night feeds, just water it is then. I'm just worried that he might wake up and be hungry because he'd have 2 bottles through the night up until now, this will be his first night off the bottle x

  • When i did the transition to cow's milk, i slowly mixed formula with cow's milk over a week or so - so 3/4 a bottle of formula with 1/4 cow's milk. Then i went to half and half, until full cow's milk - but if your son is happy with it, go with it. 

    You might not want to go cold turkey, so try and cut down to one bottle of cow's milk at night time, at first, then when you feel the time is right, switch to water. x

  • Thank you for your advice, as I said it's only the first day and he seems to like cow's milk so I'll try the water through the night xx

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