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  • God that would be amazing I did loose another 2.5lb this week though. Guess that’s a start. ive never used anything other then the stage one, but hopefully when we we have had gone we can transition over. Thank you Hun xx

  • The higher stage milk has a lot of iron in I seem to remember which can make them constipated. Although it’s years since I used it so don’t quote me on that 

  • Hope you’ve all had a lovely 1st birthday for Ollie! 

    Has he dropped much on the line bincey? as long as he’s eating id say all okay! 

    Cant believe we’re onto a new toddler thread. A baby came into work today and the kids asked me if that’s what J was like. I had to say no as he’s almost 1. Think it’s starting to make me sad that he’s growing up so much!

    j has a bottle at 8.30 and normally falls asleep with the bottle although he’s started waking through the night again and we don’t know why. 

  • Could it be sleep regression dizzy? Sometimes they do relapse I remember olly did around this time. It's awful tho you forget what sleepless nights are like (apart from Louise bless you chick hope Charlie is sleeping a little better now for you xx) .

    Bincey were using the stage 2 formular for weaning diets but we will be starting cows milk when he's one 

  • He’s dropped from the 50th to just below 25th, having said that he was between the 9th-25th right up untill he started weaning then he jumped up abit. Maybe he’s just levelling out. ordinarily he eats really well.

    It makes me sad there growing up quick then I hear next door baby cry and I wonder if it would just finish me off doing it again lol  

  • I know I couldn't do it again atm bincey it would definitely kill me and my oh off 😂 Charlie has only just started to sleep properly after 8 months of no sleep and I'm not wanting to start all over again 

  • Just dropped Ollie off at nursery and he’s taken to crying when I drop him off now bless him x 

    ollie slept really well from 3 months to about 6 then had a massive regression and only just started sleeping again but Had a regression on holiday ... I remeber you guys saying how the babies where keeping you up and I thought omg my time will come lol ! 

    ollie is still being treated for lactose intolerance so we arnt switching to cows milk just yet but in two weeks I will ... when we went to the health visitor they mentioned that he should have vitamin d drops but never said where we should get them from. We moved on to stage 2 milk at 6 months but wont Use stage 3 Unless he hates cows milk. ollie Had 7 ounces of milk morning and night but I do make his breakfast up with 4 ounces of it in the morning at the mo.

    happy birthday tooo Charlie !!! Hope our have a fab day little man !! 

  • Happy 1st Birthday Charlie, have a lovely day little man. 

  • Happy 1st birthday Charlie xx enjoy your special day little man 

    We now have 3 teeth through👏

  • Happy birthday Charlie! 
    And hello everyone else here! So wonderful to see you all here and thanks for coming over to the new thread. 
    Please do pop me over a PM with your full name and address so we can send your toddler gifts out. 

  • Happy birthday Charlie 

  • Lillian I think boots do vitamin d drops 

  • My centre where I take Daniel to be weighed do them

  • Ollie has 9 teeth no wonder he can demolish chicken nuggets lol 🤣

  • Did he like them Lillian? We have 4 teeth, he looks so funny he has 2 bottom middle ones and 2 too fangs. 

    I think he’s on the mend, we had a good night last night and he’s been so much happier today.

  • Thank you everyone. We’re having a lovely day. Been out to his baby club and been looking at his presents. He’s having a little sleep on me at the moment then our family are coming round for birthday tea later . 

  • He loved them and they went down a treat ! I can’t believe  we’ll he ate them. 

    Work is dragging today 😩

  • Charlie loves chicken nuggets as well is any one still blending their food down Charlie seemed to manage sausages cut up last night as he prefers to feed himself now 

  • Ollie likes to feed himself too I often do him wedges or sweet potato wedges meat or fish and some sort of vegetable ... I don’t know how to teach him how to use a spoon how did the other babies learn ( still refusing to call him a toddler 😂)

  • Joseph will only let us feed him breakfast now, I haven’t even attempted cutlery 😂 everything else he has the same as us chopped into finger sizes. 

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