July 2017 Toddlers



  • Bincey- j did the same, went up from 25-50th line eith food, so maybe Joshua is just levelling out. 

    j slept through last night mummytooandc, so fingers crossed! 

    We feed him most meals tbh but he’s good with holding veg etc,

    Happy happy birthday charlie!! 

  • Hope Charlie has had a good day Louise I love his cake looks yummy :) xxx

  • Yes we’ve had a lovely day thank you. Lots of new toys for Charlie to look at. The cake was lovely Kayleigh. We were really pleased with it and it was bigger than I expected. Thank you everyone for thinking of us and all the lovely messages xxx 

  • How's everyone today? I think this time last year I was at the pregnancy assessment unit waiting to be admitted again.

    Charlie took his first steps earlier with his walker :) 

  • Hey everyone Ollie has his jabs tomorrow has any of the other babies got them soon ?

  • Good evening all, 

    Well done Charlie...

    I haven’t heard anything about the next lot of jabs yet. 

    Joseph  almost back to his happy self which is a massive relief. 

    Hope everyone is ok 

  • Yay well done charlie! 

    Glad other Charlie and you all had a lovely day Louise! 

    Not heard anthring about jabs yet Lillian, I’ve heard that they just have to be after they’re 1. Think I’ll wait till we’re back from holiday though as don’t want to muck him and his routine up even more. 

  • Well done Charlie 😀

  • Yeh the jags are normally 12-14 months 

    My area run a clinic so I'll get sent out an appt.

    Well done charlie.

    Saoirse is walking more now than crawling unless she wants to get there fast lol.

    Shes got so many teeth coming in. She's got 14! Shes a biter too!

    Glad Joseph's on the mend.

  • 14 teeth!! Wow! thats Loads! Js only got 6!

  • ollies got 9 and is also a biter ! It’s strange cuz his first ones came late then they’ve all just come at once lol 

    had a really disturbed night last night he kept crying no idea why probs knows today he’s getting his Injections lol 

  • We only have 4 teeth here! Although that doesn’t seem to stop him eating everything. 

  • Hope the jabs go ok Lillian xx 

    8 teeth here but I think we have number 9 coming through as he’s very dribbly and snotty. 

    Just been to a little party for a little boy who was born the day after Charlie who I met in the hospital when we were having the babies so that was lovely. 

    Hope everyone’s having a good day xx

  • Charlie's jabs are booked in for the 31st July I'm dreading it hope ollie is okay Lillian xx

    Olly is currently playing the ps4 and I'm sat here like 😯he's 3 I don't even know how to use the controller but he's a pro. Kids now days 🤷

    What a beautiful day what's everyone up to the boys have been in the garden in the pool now Charlie's napping

  • Jabs actually was ok he screamed but was easily distracted by a pink wafer ... we are just sat in the beer garden watching the football with a cider ... never ever do this so it’s nice 

  • We have 5 teeth but more are coming through. We just had a chilled day here

  • I feel like in terms of teeth Charlie is miles behind everyone else lol although he can devour a chicken nugget with three teeth 😂

  • Kayleigh, Patrick had 5 teeth at 14 months and then all of a sudden they came within a fornight. Saoirse just seems to be growing them all the time so no break from teething. 

    We're in Arran this weekend which is a wee island off the west coast. Patrick has settled fine in a bed for the night but been up twice with Saoirse. Not sure what's up with her x

  • Is it because she’s in a different place katt? hope you got some rest! 

    How was Ollie last night after his jabs? 

  • We’ve had a really sleepless night here too dont know if it was his jabs or what but he has up nearly every hour like not crying but moaning bless him x

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